Michigan Vacation Part II

Family Fun magazine recently did an article on Sleeping Bear Dunes…how great is that? Because of this article I found this fun little cruise called the Nauti-cat. We were scheduled to go on the Kids’ Cruise but it was cancelled due to fog and so we were upgraded to the Happy Hour cruise that afternoon. Happy Hour? SOLD!

We settled in with a glass of Catnip (their special punch) and a beer for Matt and just…chilled. It was awesome.

Matthew was very upset because all of the hammocks were filled. So he pouted. Just like he pouted at the campground when there were “too many big kids” on the big pillow. He’s really good at pouting. Does anyone else give into their babies because…they’re the baby of the family? Or because they have the cutest chin dimple? Or because they still want to be tucked in every night? No? Just me. Ok, then.

After a while, I was pouting too. The hammocks were filled with teenagers! Teenagers who have no responsibilities and have no need for relaxing! Teenagers who should have a summer job not be on cruises! I am a mother of 3…on vacation…camping! I need the hammock damn it! And finally there was room. And a nice mom of 2 offered to take our picture. How about that?

We laid in the hammock just chilling with water beneath us and this above us…

Until I noticed a little girl. Pouting. Because she wanted a turn in the hammock. So we got out. I drove Gabe nuts by getting out my camera and trying to get a nice, smiling picture.

So I gave up and instead focused on my favorite girl and her freckles.

We ended the day with…you guessed it…more swimming at the pool. But looking forward to the following day at the beach!


7 responses to “Michigan Vacation Part II

  1. I love hammocks! And I love that sweet family photo of all of you hammocking. (Christmas card photo??) It looks so lovely and relaxing. =>

  2. Love all the photos. Especially the one with Matt and Olivia. She is so pretty!

  3. my boy can pout with the best of ’em, so i can totally relate on that one! what a cool looking cruise…..and the hammocks?? i don’t think i’d have ever gotten out, pouty little girl or not!! 😉

  4. Hammocks!? Oh that looks so much fun. The pic of you and the family is absolutely adorable.

  5. That cruise looks awesome! I’ll have to get info on that. We’re always looking for something unique to do up there. Oh, and Keegan’s a pouter too. Do I give in??? I plead the 5th 😉

  6. THOSE FRECKLES!!! They are way too cute for words!

    That hammock does look pretty sweet! I would probably pout too hahahah just kidding!

    This post cracked me up, you are funny Tiffany.

  7. Hi! A google search lead me to your blog and I’m wondering what issue of Family Fun magazine that was? I remember reading it last summer and can’t find it and we are going to visit the Dunes with our kiddos. Thanks!

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