Michigan Vacation Part 1

We are arriving home today after 9 fun-filled days of vacation. Due to gas prices, we decided to stay close to home but discovered that Michigan has a lot to offer this little ole family of 5! We started off by going to the Josh Turner concert (more on that later…waiting for pictures from his PR people) and then headed up to Traverse City. It was so beautiful up there and so much to do!

We started off by visiting downtown Traverse City just to get the lay of the land…and buy some fudge of course! When I saw this sign, I had to laugh because on Day 2 I was already dreaming of a solo-vacation somewhere with plush, king-sized beds, fluffy white robes and decadent room service.

I had to bring myself back to our lovely, traveling with 3 kids, camping vacation before I got myself into a right state. I’m sorry…I just want to be spoiled, ok? Camping is fun and makes traveling much easier with Olivia, but I can only take so much of the stand-in-the-cold-water-campground-shower-and-hold-the-string-to-make-the-shower-go before I feel as though I’m going to lose it. Just don’t ask what I’m like on day 7. I keep it to myself…and this blog.

That night, after swimming in the campground pool (if I never go swimming again it will be too soon) and jumping on the giant pillow the campground offered (very cool, I have to admit), we went on a scenic drive through the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

I kept trying to describe to the kids how big these sand dunes were but I just couldn’t do them justice. We went to the “big kahuna” one on our drive…the one you’re not supposed to go on and, because there was a giant drop off, we didn’t. I was terrified that Olivia was going to go to the edge and…roll. If you look in the water, you will see a tiny little dot. That’s a boat. See how high we were?

The kids did find smaller dunes behind the big dune that they could climb. And run down. And climb. And run down. When on Earth did I ever have that much energy? I just can’t remember. I will never, ever, ever get tired of watching Olivia keep up with her brothers, climbing up sand dunes no less, for as long as I live. I seriously get choked up in the most ridiculous situtations. People probably think I’m crazy. Oh well!!


9 responses to “Michigan Vacation Part 1

  1. So glad you had fun! We just got home today from our stay in Northern Michigan. It really is beautiful up there. We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes too. We did the climb to the water and back. My kids could hardly appreciate how beautiful they were b/c they were so hot & tired. I didn’t know you could do a scenic drive until my sister-in-law told me. It really is gorgeous. Anyways, glad you had fun. Can’t wait to see more pics!

  2. Roughing it… can be tough especially when there are creepy bugs and poor shower/sleeping conditions!

    It looks like a serious amount of wonderful fun! I looooooooooove these photos Tiff! You are so awesome! And can I mention enough how cute this little family is?!?!

  3. whew! i am worn out just looking at pictures of them running up and down the dunes!!! i love camping, but you’re right….after a few days, i’m ready for room service and hot showers šŸ™‚

  4. Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of my favorite spots in Michigan! It is just beautiful…
    So glad you had a good trip and I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  5. Wow! Seems like an excellent vacation. I’ve never been to Michigan, but am intrigued by the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Will definitely have to visit.

  6. I absolutely do not think you’re crazy for getting choked up as you watch your sweet girl keep up with her brothers. I do the same thing when I watch my Olivia keep up with her big sister, whether it’s in the pool swimming (she taught herself to swim in the last couple of weeks) or on rollerskates (she taught herself to do this just this past weekend.) Someone forgot to tell our girls that they can’t do these things!

  7. I feel much the same about camping — I love it as an idea but I can only rough it for so long.

    The boys and Olivia look super happy! I hope the trip continues to bring smiles!


  8. Great pictures. Those dunes are a lot of work to get up and down. I’m sure the kids slept well that night. Glad your home safe and sound.

  9. We haven’t taken the boys to the dunes yet – only driven past them. Next summer!!!

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