Change for the Worse

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It was so difficult to go to school every day. To see him come around the corner with his new girlfriend. To see the pity looks from Her friends at school. She hated it. Luckily for Her, he would graduate soon and then he’d be gone. Thank goodness for that.

She started acting like an idiot. She went tanning constantly because She thought She looked better tan. She would show him! She would look better than She ever had. She lost weight! She started smoking and drinking with Her friends on the weekends to be cool. She knew better, but it made Her feel better so She did it anyway.

The one good thing about all this was that She had Her friends back. She spent tons of time with them and loved every minute of it. She would always remember how much fun it was with friends and would never ditch them for a boy again.


That spring, a senior boy (who She was just friends with) asked Her to the prom. She didn’t really want to go because he would be there, but She went anyway. It was terrible. She spent a lot of time “checking her make-up” in the bathroom. Her Mom had said She could stay out until 2 since it was prom, but She told Her date 11. She just wanted to go home.

Graduation sucked too. She had to go because She was on student council and was supposed to hand out programs. That would mean she had to see him and his whole family. Ugh. But She did it anyway…with a big smile on Her face like She didn’t care at all.

When summer finally arrived, She was so glad to be done with stupid school for the summer. She would just hope that no one played hockey on their street.


Summer came and it was pretty uneventful—thankfully. She worked a lot, hung out with Her friends and that was about it. The life of a teenager! She was excited for Her upcoming senior year. She couldn’t wait to be a senior! It was going to be such a fun year and She could forget about all this nonsense.


2 responses to “Change for the Worse

  1. Ohh, the teenage years are so hard. I don’t think anyone escapes unscathed. Even those of us with fairly uneventful teenage years have scars and memories of tough times. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a teenager again.

    I’m glad you made it through, but so sorry it was so tough.

  2. Anyone who says their life as a teenager didn’t suck is LYING!

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