Summer…so far!

Holy cow this summer is going fast and furious! I can’t believe I was worried that this summer was not going to be fun! We are having a great time.

We started by being so excited to see Matty graduate from Safety City! Doesn’t he looked thrilled?

We then moved on to our end-of-the-year celebration with Olivia’s lovely Brownie troop. They are now Junior Girl Scouts! Aren’t they the cutest and sweetest girls you’ve ever seen?

And of course…swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.

I was gone from the computer for a few days (did you miss me?) because we went to the lake. We swam, went on the boat, the jet ski, had friends over, made bath tubs and sand castles on the beach and got a lot of sun!

This was my spot. With my Kindle. Bliss. More on what I read later!

And of course…baseball. Gabe and Olivia are both playing. Olivia’s been such a pill about it, I haven’t gotten any pictures of her yet. Matty wanted to play, but we told him that they don’t have baseball until you’re in 1st grade. Shhh….don’t tell! πŸ˜‰

What fun things have you been doing so far this summer?


9 responses to “Summer…so far!

  1. These are great photos! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful, fun-filled summer.

  2. I love summer time! I am glad yours is going so great, can’t wait to hear about what books you have been reading.

  3. I’m so glad that your summer is going well. We’re painting closets over here just west of you. We’re also hitting local Steuben County (indiana) lakes, checking out books at the library and swimming in my mom’s pool, which is extra nice because it always involved free good for the girls and cable tv for Alyssa (we’re too cheap to pay for cable/satelite in our house, I know, the meanest parents ever, right?)

  4. Don’t let Keegan and Eli near Matty since they’re playing for the Y this summer!
    When did Gabe get so grown up! He’s always looked so much like you but boy is he a little Matt now! Very handsome πŸ™‚
    Sounds like you’re having a blast. We are too – lots of swimming, catching fireflies, dancing with sparklers, grilling, s’mores – the list goes on and on πŸ™‚

  5. Glad your summer is going well and the kids are having a good time. We are doing swimming, some travelling, and entertaining family from out of town.

  6. Wow! So much fun in such a short time! Awesome!

    (p.s. I need a beach and a Kindle)

  7. Sorry I haven’t stopped by in a while. I left my computer in ID and finally got it back late last night.

    hahaah that photo of him looking excited made me laugh out loud. It really looks like you guys are having a great time! Olivia is probably the cutest little thing I have ever seen! And I am really really really jealous of all the things you did at the lake. Please bring me next time! ahhahaha

  8. Great pictures and so much fun! Doesn’t life just keep getting better and better!!!

  9. Look like you guys had fun. My brother used to be a scout but I don’t remember what troops he was in

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