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He had broken up with Her on New Year’s Day. Her Mom was out of the country on vacation. She wanted to talk to Her Mom so badly. She didn’t talk to any of Her friends; She was embarrassed and was afraid of what they would say. Plus, She had spent most of Her time with him for the last 18 months. She wasn’t even sure She had friends She could call anymore. She couldn’t stop crying. What did She do wrong? Why didn’t he love Her anymore?

What a fool She’d been.

Her Mom finally got home and She told her what happened. Her Mom felt bad for Her but said She never really liked him anyway. Her Mom thought he was a jerk. So did everyone, She soon found out. Who knew? She didn’t have any idea that no one liked him. It made them all very unsympathetic towards Her heartbreak. How could they say they didn’t like him when all She wanted was to have him back?

A few days later it was time to go back to school after Christmas break. She would rather die than go back to school. Everyone would know. Everyone would be talking about it. Plus, how was She supposed to act now? Were they going to ignore each other? Try and be friends? What?

She got Her answer when She walked around the corner after second period and saw him holding hands with another girl as they walked down the hall.

She thought She might puke.

It had only been 3 days and he already had a girlfriend?

That’s when She knew. He obviously had this girlfriend before they broke up; at the very least he had the idea of this new girl.

Heartbreak city.

Rumors swirled around school as to what exactly had happened. It just made it worse. It didn’t really matter when this new girl had come into the picture; the fact was, she was in it now. And She was heartbroken.

She hated high school. She felt like a fool. How could She have wasted a year-and-a-half on this jerk? What was wrong with Her that he wanted somebody else? Why did She miss him and want him back? When would She feel better?

She was a fool. A total idiot.

This would never, ever happen to Her again.



3 responses to “Fool

  1. Naive more than a fool. You are supposed to be naive at that age. Then jerks take it out of you.

  2. High School sucks! I’m certain it’s some sort of rite of passage but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

  3. Man, I dread my daughter learning these lessons … coping with the hormone-driven whimsy of teenage boys, giving up who you are, forgetting about your friends for a boy, picking up all the pieces when they come falling down. But we all have to learn it, don’t we? Oh, how I wish we didn’t.

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