When I Wonder

When I wonder what you’ll be like when you grow up, I don’t have to look very far.

I see you teaching your sister how to throw a baseball.

I see you picking her up and giving her a giant bear hug.

I see you open her juice box without being asked.

I see you include her in the game you and your friends are playing.

I see you bouncing her as high as you can on the trampoline.

I see you swim by her side in the pool.

I see you sneaking out of bed to watch Tom & Jerry with her after lights out.

I see you give her a high-five and tell her “Great job Sissy!”

I see you cheer her on at her baseball game.

I see you pick her up and carry her across the stones when she won’t wear her shoes and my arms are loaded down with grocery bags.

I see you get me a glass of water because I’m coughing…and I didn’t even have to ask.

I see you give me that look that tells me you understand that sometimes being her Mom is very difficult and stressful and trying.

I see you.

I do.

I see you perfectly.

And I don’t have to wonder what kind of man you’ll be when you grow up.

I know.


11 responses to “When I Wonder

  1. He’s had fantastic role models. He is truly an amazing young man already. Certainly a young man to be incredibly proud of.

  2. Such a special boy that one is!

  3. Lizzy does a lot of these same things! With her being 5 1/2 years older than one and 7 years older than the other, she’s really taken on a helper role. It’s crazy how we can watch our mature, always thinking ahead of the game kids stand right next to kids their own age who just are not aware of thinking about anything other than themselves yet (and that’s okay, normal even). We are very lucky mamas 🙂 I think we get a high-five on raising great kids!!!

  4. Ohhh I got chocked up!!! He is going to be a great, patient, and compassionate man!!! You guys are doing something pretty dang right! ahahhaha If you don’t mind me saying this, but I truly truly believe that people who have a family member with special needs are some of the most amazing people in our world! Mostly because they learn things with out having to really learn… it is natural for them to be patient, kind, compassionate when I feel like there are several people who have to learn those attributes. I always told you I think you are amazing and great… and your family is just like you!!! I LOVE THIS POST!!!

  5. Quite a stellar young man you have there. He will be wonderful at whatever he chooses, he is already well on his way to being an incredible person.

  6. Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…
    I always get choked up when I hear about the things he does for others. he will, as everyone has already said, be an amazing adult.

  7. You are paving his way to becoming a sensitive and caring adult. I am certain you are so proud.

  8. Such a sweet post for a sweet, sweet boy. You’re doing such a great thing raising strong, compassionate men. It’s a tough responsibility but I get the feeling you and your husband are up for the challenge.

  9. I so think Rex and Gabe need to meet. Great post… no fair making me cry so early in the morning.

  10. absolutely love this! great post! sounds like he will be a great man when he gets older:)

  11. chills and cloudy eyes. And what a handsome boy too!

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