Olivia’s First Sleepover

Olivia has been begging to have a sleepover. She’s seen her brothers do it and wanted to do it too.

But if there is another person in the room, she doesn’t sleep. Therein lies the problem.

Last night, Gabe and Matthew were both having friends spend the night so our normal “schedule” was going to be messed up anyway. Plus, it’s summer and neither of us had to get up in the morning. All we have on our schedule for today is swim lessons and working out. It sounded like a perfect time to try a sleepover.

Olivia’s best buddy, Katie, came to her baseball game and was her helper out on the field. Then she came over, ate dinner with us, watched a movie with Olivia and then…wait for it…wait for it…slept over!!!! I told Olivia I needed to borrow Katie for a little bit, then let Olivia fall asleep. Once she was asleep, Katie went back in and went to sleep. It worked perfectly!

We just ate breakfast and then we’re off to swim. I’m not only so proud of Olivia for being able to do such a “normal” 10-year-old thing, but I’m so proud of her friend Katie too for giving it a try!! It could have been disastrous!!

These normal, mundane things are such a big deal at our house. I’m so thankful I get to appreciate them all!!


11 responses to “Olivia’s First Sleepover

  1. how fantastic! Olivia is so lucky to have Katie as a friend…I’m so happy everything worked out…hooray!

  2. YAAY!!! What a great and special night for you guys. Sleep overs are so much fun… seriously they are like the best thing to ever happen to you as a kid. hahaha I am so happy that it worked out perfectly, and that every one seemed to have fun. Way to go O!!!

  3. So awesome! Seriously, this is a big deal for all kids, that first sleepover. So glad that Olivia has such a great friend and a great mom to make it work.

  4. When my Ella was first born, I prayed for lots of different things. One in particular was for the hearts of the kids she would meet as she got older and who would eventually become her friends. I remember praying that those special kids would see what we see in her, only treat her “normal” and just love her for who she is. I know how much Katie’s friendship to Olivia means to you, Tiffany. It is such a special thing that I don’t think many others truly understand πŸ™‚ Ella has friends like this now – and I just can’t be thankful enough for them and their sweet little accepting hearts. Normal, mundane things are BIG at our house too babe! ps: I loved finally meeting you in person the other day. Of all places to run into each other, too! And I have decided…your family is totally gorgeous. There is something very special in all of your smiles πŸ™‚

  5. I love that you guys do all of the “normal” things, it always gives me hope!
    Congrats to Olivia for her first sleep over, that is a big milestone.

  6. This is indeed a milestone! Glad it went well Tiffany.

  7. Woohoo! I’m glad Olivia’s first sleep over with Katie went so well.

  8. That’s awesome!!! Totally doing a happy dance for Olivia!

  9. Yippey!! What a fun time. Katis is such a sweet little girl, so is Olivia. I bet the morning was filled with excitement!

  10. awesome!! i know that olivia was so happy….so wonderful of both you and katie to be willing to brave a try πŸ™‚

  11. Jennifer Casebolt

    How exciting!! πŸ™‚ It is so prefect how God worked it out for them to meet and become friends!! Both girls are
    One of a kind!! Love them!! πŸ™‚ so glad they had a great time!! πŸ™‚

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