The First Time

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It was finally Saturday. She was ready and waiting. There was a honk from the driveway. He was here!! Her aunt thought it was rude that he didn’t come to the door, but She didn’t know any better. She’d never really been on a date before. She did keep thinking about what Her aunt said though; didn’t the dates always come up to the door in the movies? That probably was the proper way for him to do it; oh well.

The date was so fun. They went to the wedding reception and danced. She met quite a few of his friends. When he brought Her home, he kissed Her. He kissed Her!!! She went to bed on cloud nine. The next day the boys were outside playing hockey in the street again; of course She went out to say hello. She watched for a while and, when the game was over, he walked Her to Her front door and kissed Her again!! She couldn’t believe it.

Before She knew it, they were a couple. He asked Her to homecoming and She couldn’t believe it. She was beyond excited. This was not only Her first real boyfriend but it would be Her first time going to a dance! One of Her older friends took Her shopping for a dress. She found the best dress ever. It was black velvet, long-sleeved, skin-tight, short with a cut-out back. It was very grown up and She couldn’t wait to wear it!! The best part was it wasn’t expensive at all!! She had babysitting money that She had saved that She used. She was glad it didn’t use it all up.

For the dance, They were going with two other couples. They were his friends and their girlfriends; She really liked them all. They were going out to dinner and then to the dance. It was really fun. She loved being part of a couple. She loved having a boyfriend. She loved being out with other couples. It made Her feel so…mature. She really liked this boy.

They became inseparable. She thought Her Mom and friends liked him. She loved spending time with him. They spent a lot of time together. He would come to Her swim meets and watch; She loved that. They went to each other’s family celebrations for Christmas. She couldn’t believe She had a boyfriend!

Before She knew it, they had been dating almost a year. He asked Her to go on vacation with him and his Dad and Her Mom said yes! She couldn’t believe it. They were going to visit his Grandma and She would get to meet some of his other family on the way. The trip was awesome! She got to see part of the U.S. she had never seen before; She got to spend all day, every day with him. It was perfect.

Soon school was starting. He would be a senior and She was going to be a junior. She was so proud and excited to be dating a senior! He was on the football team too!! Over the summer a few things had happened that made Her think maybe he wasn’t the nicest guy in the world, but he loved Her right? That had to mean something. She ended up quitting the swim team because it interfered with the time she could spend with him. She had gotten Her first job over the summer but hated it. She needed to get a new one. It was important that She start saving for college. She loved being able to go to his football games with Her friends and being his girlfriend. Pretty soon, She did get that new job and ended up having to work quite a bit including weekends. She hated it but he didn’t seem to mind.

After a year and a half of dating, She was sure She was in love with him. She loved being part of a couple and having a boyfriend. Then, out of nowhere, on New Year’s Day, to Her surprise, he broke up with Her. He didn’t really have a reason. He just didn’t love Her anymore, he said.

For the first time in Her life, She was heartbroken.


8 responses to “The First Time

  1. Boys are such jerks! I could tell where this was headed :o( I remember that first heartbreak well. On another note, it was great to see you yesterday!

  2. I love your Flashback series. These could definitely be put together into a memoir. This one definitely made me want to know more of the details! Ah, that first broken heart is the WORST!

  3. Ahhh…I remember those days. I prayed every night that the boy that I liked would be my boyfriend. Good thing he wasn’t because now he’s my step-brother. It still hurt at the time though.

  4. The teenage years, with the first love, the first kiss, the first heartbreak, are so, so hard. It’s a wonder we survive it at all.

    P.S. Thank you for the understanding comment on my “Know What I Hate?” post. I’m thinking you’re right. 🙂

  5. Ahhh, it brings me right back to the good old days! You should post pictures of you in this time, I love old pictures, that is one of my favorite things to do, just go through old pictures from forever ago!

  6. Perfect song!!! I agree, put up pictures!!! High school is amazing… that is why almost all great TV shows have to do with high school Glee, That 70’s Show… OK so I can only think of 2 things. hahahah

    First heart brakes are the hardest, and when you are in high school it feels like the end of the world as you know it!!! But it is fun to remember why they were special huh?!

  7. Look at all that he missed! Such a fool to walk away from you. How lucky for you that he did. Oh the amazing doors of possibilities that he opened for you!!!

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