What I Learned

The boys are home, the boys are home!!! We missed them all so much but I am proud of myself that I made it through the very long 10 days that they were gone. Here are some things learned while they were gone; some I already knew but needed the reminder, some were totally new nuggets of information.

1.) I have a really, really, really, really wonderful husband. He helps out so much around the house and not just with “chores”. He helps so much with the kids. Even if it’s just the extra voice of reason in the house, it’s helpful. Especially with Olivia. She listens to him like no one else.

2.) Olivia is a lot for one person to handle. I almost went insane this week dealing with her on my own. There was no one here to give me even the “I-can’t-take-it-anymore-you-put-her-to-bed” break. I broke down in tears multiple times this week over her behavior and how to deal with it. There’s just something to be said for that Daddy influence. I think having Matt gone the first week Olivia was home on summer vaca was a bad idea too. Lots of transitioning going on.

3.) I enjoy Matt’s company. I really LIKE my husband. I love him, of course, but I really like him. Those reminders are important. It’s so easy to get annoyed or disenchanted with someone who you live with day in and day out. I needed the reminder of how much I really like him.

4.) Matthew and Olivia L-O-V-E their brother. They were kind of lost without him. He’s the glue of my trio, that’s for sure. I think they missed him almost as much as I did.

5.) Gabe’s never going to college or getting married or leaving me in any way-shape-or-form. My heart was crushed without him. I missed him so much I hurt.

6.) I’m thankful for my friends. I had a friend bring me wine and check in on me, had friends over for dinner, had a friend to go for a walk and have a glass of wine, had friends over for game night. I would have gone crazy without their company. I love my friends.

7.) I love chick flicks. I watched a few while Matt was gone and I really enjoy them. I’m going to make Matt watch them with me more often. He’ll love that, right?

8.) My Mom and my mother-in-law were lifesavers. My Mom took the kids over night and checked in on me. My MIL took us out to dinner and checked in on me. It is still nice to be looked after by your Mom.

9.) You can waste a lot of time on Facebook and reading blogs.

10.) I don’t sleep very well without Matt. Even though Matthew stood in and slept with me all week, it’s just not the same. Especially when his beloved stuffed animals end up on top of your head or his Kung Zhu’s go off at 3 a.m. I think next time I’ll sleep alone. But Matthew sure did think it was special!

I am really so very glad and thankful that they’re home. I’m really glad it will be another year before I have to do it again!


7 responses to “What I Learned

  1. Yay for your menfolk’s homecoming. It was good you had so many friends and family watching out for your while they were gone. I bet Matt and Gabe missed you as much as you all missed them.

  2. YAAY!! They are home!!! I loved all of these points hahahahah you are too funny! Friends do make life wonderful huh?!? I am glad that you felt supported! It seems like you and Matt have a wonderful relationship… and that makes me happy! Is that selfish ahahahah. And I agree there is something about the daddy influence that could never be substituted or absent!! It is a pretty strong thing!

  3. I’m glad their home too. You made it! And, I agree, there is nothing quite like being taken care of by your Mom!!

  4. A little perspective is always nice. Crackin up over the comment about Gabe not getting married or going to college. HA ! Nice One

    Glad you have your world back!

  5. Mike is leaving for 4 months! I don’t even know what I am going to do with out him, your post made me feel a little worried about how I will do!

  6. Glad to hear he his home. Absence does make you appreciate the loved ones in your life just a little more.

  7. We love you too!!! There is so much to be said for that 2nd parent being around. There really is so much that we all take for granted because we get stuck in the ruts of everyday life. I’m so happy you survived this week of craziness and that we could be a part of getting you through it!

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