First Step

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The next time the boys were out in the street playing hockey, She went out there. Of course She made sure She was wearing something cute, had make-up on and Her hair done. She just walked down to the game and said “Hey. What’s up?” like She did this every day. She just wanted that one boy from Her Algebra II class to notice Her. He was so cute and popular and tall. She was convinced he wouldn’t notice Her, but She went anyway. It was better than hanging out in the house doing nothing. They all stopped for a minute and said “Hi!” and She sat down on the curb to watch. She felt really conspicuous but did it anyway.

Did it seem like they were showing off a little? Maybe. The tall, cute one especially.

Pretty soon the game was over and She stood up and started chatting with the crew. They were such nice guys. The one that took Her to school every day (and lived two doors down) was hilarious and so sweet. She was so glad they were friends. Being friends with guys was so easy. The tall, cute one was talking to Her quite a bit; She was trying to remain calm and not say anything stupid. It turned out he lived right behind Her. She couldn’t believe it! He practically lived in Her backyard! The rest of the guys left and She was still standing talking to the tall, cute one.

After a while She thought She better head back inside and he walked Her to the door. Her heart was pounding so fast, She could barely breathe. When they got to the door, he asked if She wanted to go on a date. He was going to a wedding reception and wanted to know if She would go with him. Of course She said yes. The date was actually that coming weekend! Her Mom would be out-of-town but Her very hip and cool aunt would be staying with Her. She couldn’t wait to tell her Mom and her aunt and her sister!! What would She wear??? It didn’t matter. She had a date with the tall, cool boy from Her Algebra II class.



6 responses to “First Step

  1. Oh man, I can’t believe you left us hangin’ like this! I can’t wait to read next week!

  2. This is like a teenage romance novel that we read when we were girls! I love it:)

  3. hahahahaha That is too cute!! It kinda makes me miss high school when I hear stories like this. High school was life as I knew it!!! Maybe you should team up with the girl who wrote Twilight!!!! Huh… huh….

  4. You are one gutsy gal 🙂

  5. I can feel the excitement in my chest.

  6. Oh I can’t wait to hear what you wore!!!

    I never had any cool, hip aunts. Mine all thought that I was on a one way trip to Hell. Alas! You were soooo lucky!

    You know how much I love the flashbacks!


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