24 hours

I am usually so good about taking breaks.

Mini-breaks like going to the grocery store alone and getting a skinny vanilla latte and big breaks like date night with Matt.

But I was woefully behind in getting a break and very desperate to be alone.

I thought about renting a hotel room and just ordering room service and reading books and watching movies and maybe taking a bath.

But the price of the hotel room made me feel guilty. That wouldn’t work.

Then all of a sudden it came to me…a night alone in my own house!! That would be wonderful! I could sleep in my own bed! I could watch movies on my own TV in my favorite spot! I could use my computer! Perfect! And it was free!!!

And then it hit me again…Matt and Gabe were leaving on a fishing trip! If my Mom would take the kids overnight, I’d have the house to myself! Of course my wonderful and helpful Mom said yes and I was able to get 24 blissful hours to myself. In my own house.

It went by way too fast.

First, even though I’m trying really hard to lose a few, I stopped and got a small ice cream cone. It was the most delicious thing I’ve had in a while. Then I went and got a manicure and pedicure. Bliss. Olivia needed some new summer clothes so I headed to Lands End and hit the 50% off kids’ clothes sale in a major way. It is so nice to shop alone and be able to think! After that I went home, had dinner on the porch while I read my book and then watched Rabbit Hole. Things went a little downhill there for a bit. You shouldn’t really watch this movie while you’re alone…and your husband and son aren’t coming home for 8 more days. It’s too sad. I edited pictures while watching the movie and then I went to bed. I didn’t sleep in really late but I did stay in bed until 9:30. Did you hear me? 9:30!! It was heaven. I went for a walk with a friend and then put away laundry. I know, lame, but it was nice to do it in peace. Then it was time for me to pick up the kids. I really wanted to fit a nap in…but there was no time.

I felt so refreshed…for a few hours. This motherhood biz isn’t for the faint of heart, people. I was back to frazzled and exhausted before Olivia’s baseball game was over. But all I had to do was look at my freshly polished nails and toenails and feel relaxed again.

You know what else made my day? The teenage girls at the concession stand admiring my blue crackle nail polish. Silly girls…they thought it only came in black. I felt young and cool if only for a second.

It was so nice to be alone. To think straight. To not have to eat at 5:30 p.m. To watch a movie and not have to stop and put anyone to bed. To stay in bed until 9:30. To relax.

Thanks, Mom. I really needed it!


9 responses to “24 hours

  1. YES! That sounds so fantastic. I always think that 24 hours alone in my own house would be the best break ever. I have yet to experience that, but my mom was in town this weekend and my husband and I went away for 24 hours, which was close though. It was so refreshing.

    Moms are the best!

  2. oh, how jealous I am…
    and what is up with eating so early? my kids have a heart attack if it’s 5:45 and dinner’s no where to be seen…but they start bugging me for din around 4:30…

  3. This sounds great. I think some of the best staycations are at home (sans husband & kids) where you get to do all of your fav things. Glad you got the break Tiffany!

  4. I’ve said before that I’m so jealous of the fact that my husband works from home, so he’s ALONE for up to 9 hours every day of the week (well, except today, because I told him my mom also deserves a break and so he’s taking Wednesdays as Daddy day for the rest of the summer.) I am never in our house alone. Ever. And I want to experience that just one time. Just once. I’m so glad you got to recharge, even if the recharge didn’t last nearly long enough.

  5. Oh my that sounds like heaven and then some… I can only dream. I think I’ll live a little vicariously through you if that’s ok. You deserve it, you really are an amazing mom and inspire me more than you know!

  6. We try to do that on occasion around here too. I’ll take the kids for the weekend up north so Jane can have a few days and she does the same for me. It allows for some chores that can’t be done with kids around to be completed and also allows for a much needed break. It’s truly the only way we can get through this parenting gig! Glad you got some time 🙂

  7. *jealous* but so happy you got to enjoy a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m so glad that you got those hours to yourself…they really do make a huge difference. I actually do the hotel room thing every so often and it is bliss but have thought it would be cool to be alone in my own house.

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