We Made It!

Excuse me! Where did this year go? How is it possible that it’s summer already?

I just took this picture yesterday, I swear!

Now look at her!

4th Grade????

And this one! I think he grew a foot taller this year.

His feet are almost as big as mine!

My baby. It feels like he just started pre-school last night and now he’s moving on to…


What happened to my babies? I’m now the mother of two fourth graders and a Kindergartener.

I am so very proud of them for completing another wonderful year but…What the heck happened??? How is it summer already?

Here’s hoping summer goes by more slowly.

I think.


6 responses to “We Made It!

  1. I sooo understand!
    I love the idea of writing the grades on the sidewalk!!

  2. I love the chalk captions… very creative. This year really did just fly by.

  3. Awesome pictures! All three of your kids are so beautiful and have grown SO much this year. Here’s to a lovely summer during which you don’t lose your mind. 🙂

  4. It truly feels like yesterday that I was walking Eli to the bus stop for the first time. Now I suddenly have 2 school agers on my hands! Sadly, I think my summer is going to fly by just as quickly. Before I know it I’ll be walking them both to the bus stop and likely holding back buckets of tears the whole way!

  5. first of all…congrats to the kids for making it through another year!!! second of all…i feel like i might just explode if i don’t steal that chalk idea showing them moving to the next grade! love it 😉

  6. Congrats to you Momma and to all of your kiddos. I love the chalk idea. You rock!

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