Matthew’s Musings

My baby’s going to Kindergarten in 3 months and I’m already sad about it. Something about the last day of pre-school just made it so real to me.

I don’t think I’m ready. Can’t he stay at home just a little bit longer?

I know I should be correcting some of the cute things he does and says to help him be more “kindergarten ready”…but I just can’t! He’s so adorable that I just don’t want him to change.

He still says “firty” instead of “thirty” and “finking” instead of “thinking”…how can I correct that? It’s so adorable!

He says “nuse” instead of “use”. “Hold on Mom! I need to nuse that!” Come on! My cheeks hurt from smiling it’s so cute.

He told my Mom and sister the other day “Don’t these people know they shouldn’t have swimming pools because then you can’t afford Disney World?” He says stuff like this all the time and it’s too much cuteness.

Matt will make a good joke and he’ll look at him, grinning ear to ear, and say “That was a good one Dad! Way to go!”

He’s clearly been hanging around my sister too much because he now also says “Dude, seriously?” It’s way cuter when he says it. (Sorry Hil!)

His friend’s Mom is having a baby and she told her son that it was because she wished on a star. So daily he says to me “When are you going to wish on a star so you can have another baby?” I keep telling him those wishes don’t always work…but that we could wish for something else instead! He says “Ok, I’m going to wish for a million bucks for you and Grandma!” So last night before bed, we recited the “wish upon a star” little saying and he wished for a million bucks. The first thing he’s going to do with the money? Go on a Disney Cruise and then to Disney World, of course! Where did this kid come from?

Of course I think all my kids are adorable, but Matty just has that little spark. He’s hilarious and sweet and so much fun.

I think I’ll keep him. I’m not ready to share him quite yet. Do you think the school would mind?


7 responses to “Matthew’s Musings

  1. Tell these 3 months to go by SOoooooo slow!! I’ll wish on that for ya!

  2. Enjoy your summer with him. I’m sure the cuteness will continue into kindergarten and beyond. My youngest starts in the Fall as well….and I know he has a LOT more adorable phrases ahead of him. Here’s to our last summer with preschoolers and enjoying every moment.

  3. Kindergarten! With that cute smile, he will be a rock star.

  4. So Cute! Ella is going into Kindergarten too and I am a little sad. It is the end of an era for us because we now officially have a school aged child. Time just goes way too fast.

  5. Ohhh man!! Why do they grow up so fast? Why can’t we just stop time already? When I resized Ella was going into elementary school my jaw dropped. I can’t believe she is growing up already. MAKE IT STOP!!! I feel like the last 5 years went way too fast, and I don’t want Ekemona to be sprouting up as fast as Ella did. I will be a mess!

    Just pull him out of school early!!! Say he has a doctors appt, or dentist…. or eye!!! Just do it every day!!!! ahahahhaha great idea, I KNOW!!!

  6. Keegan says Dude Seriously all the time too! It’s entirely too cute. I’m not ready for him to go to kindergarten either. They are just growing up too quickly! I don’t want them to be little forever, just for a little bit longer 🙂

  7. Doodle Cracks me up…even when he is a grump! Love that kid! Love ALL your kids for that matter!!!!

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