Magic of Motherhood

Today, while you’re buried in laundry, make sure you notice the way your daughter has started using adjectives in her sentences. You know the daughter who wasn’t supposed to speak? She’s now saying “Mom! Look at the big, blue bunny Matthew bought me!”

It’s magical.

Today, while you’re trying to get the kids out the door for their last Monday of the school year, and you feel like pulling your hair out, notice that your littlest one just came up and gave you a hug and smiled at you.

It’s magical.

Today, while you’re picking up Legos for the 17,000th time, think about how every time your oldest son makes something new out of said Legos, he always shows it to you first.

It’s magical.

Today, while you’re in turns dreading summer and looking forward to it, think about how your daughter has to find you first thing when she gets up in the morning and say “I love you Mommy!”

It’s magical.

Amidst the chaos and the stress and the mundaneness of motherhood, there’s so much magic if you look for it.


12 responses to “Magic of Motherhood

  1. Always a good reminder. Thanks 🙂

  2. Could not agree with you more 😀

  3. I like these types of posts the best 🙂

  4. I think you read my mind hon, every time I am having “a day”. I have been trying to organise my girls bedroom today. She and I are overwhelmed with all of “the stuff” in there, I was standing with my head in my hands and decided to take a break. And I read your words.

    There has been magic too today.

    We are overwhelmed by stuff because we are loved so very much by families who share their love with gifts.

    Her room is a tip because she plays, she flits from one thing to the next because her imagination runs and runs.

    Thankyou x

  5. Thanks for the reminder Tiffany. I’ve found that lately I’ve been so super consumed in the day to day activities that I’ve forgotten to take the time to cherish every day with my kids. I realized this last week and have decided that the house can wait, but the kids cannot!

  6. That is magical!! And all of those things makes life so worth while! Children are such blessing! And Olivia keeps impressing every time I read a new blog! You are doing such a great job!!! I mean how did you teach her to keep getting better and better? You must be doing something wonderfully right! And those two boys, ohhh they are cute!!! And you can tell that they have such soft and loving hearts! You have a great family Tiff! (But you already knew that!!)

  7. That is magical! Thanks for the smile you put on my face today!!

  8. Lovely reminders Tiffany. So good to appreciate these moments.

  9. Love it! Sometimes it is so easy to get stuck in the parts of parenthood that are exhausting and boring, but then the amazing little blessings come about and you can’t help but feel so rewarded!

  10. Some days are so hard to see from this point of view….I love when you remind me of how to look at motherhood.

  11. Those are the days that make it all worth it.

  12. Beautiful and so very true 🙂

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