10 days

My husband is going on a fishing trip…for 10 days.

Did you hear me? 10 days! I’m going to be a single parent for 10 days. I’m completely freaking out.

I haven’t even told you the worst part.

He’s taking Gabe!

My biggest helper, the one who keeps me sane when Matt’s not around, is going on the trip too!!

I’m going to be without both of my rocks for 10. whole. freaking. days.

It’s not for 3 more weeks but I’m already anxious about it.

I know, realistically, that I’ll be fine. But they won’t even be able to call or email because they’re going to be in such a remote area of Canada. I’ve never been more than 4 days without seeing them and I’ve never been more than a day or two without at least talking on the phone!

My baby! He’s going away for 10 days! My hubby!! He’s going away for 10 days!!

The trip is a great opportunity for them. It’s just Matt, his Dad and Gabe going fishing for over a week.

But what about me?????

Just promise me something. Don’t count the wine bottles in the recycling that week, ok?


19 responses to “10 days

  1. we’ll have to get together to share some of that wine that week! that does suck for you but it will be so much fun to for matt and gabe!

  2. Wow…that’s a long week of fishing! Where in Canada are they going (we’re a BIG country!). I’m sure you’ll survive alot better than you think you can. Keep us posted on how you’re managing.

  3. Oh man….I feel your pain. And, the kids won’t even be able to go to school to give you any kind of break. Hank and Caleb left me for 7 days last Thanksgiving. There were only two days of school, but I had Gracie’s IEP to get through, alone, and her choking incident.

    I believe in you and know that you will make it! Try to make some plans so at least you are not looking at 10 empty days looming before you!

  4. Not that I’m the first to offer, I’m sure…but if you need it…we are here if you need anything!!

  5. 10 days really is a long time. My husband travels for business sometimes, and I actually look forward to it on some level. Try to embrace the downtime with your other children, maybe do something special you wouldn’t normally do when your husband and son are home. Those 10 days will pass quickly.

  6. Nobody will be counting the bottles. I promise! And, TRUST me, I feel your pain/anxiety. I’d be losing my mind!! BUT, I’m sure you’ll be just fine. And, when it is over, you can do a little dance!!

  7. hahahahha You are too funny! I totally understand your emotions, 10 days is along time!! Keep us posted of how you are doing! I too would feel so lonely, actually would probably pack up and go stay at my sisters ahhahah! YOU ARE BRAVE!!!

  8. What an adventure, for them and for those of you left at home. I think it’s great that they’re getting away. It does suck that you’re left at home to do the dirty work, but…you guys will do way better than you’re imagining. I just know it.

  9. Three generations spending time fishing together? How wonderful. 10 days alone and without contact from them? Yes, break out the wine, absolutely, yes.

  10. HA! I love your wine comment!

    I freak out for a few hours… I totally understand you!

  11. If I was in your neighborhood, I would bring the wine over! Stay strong, Mama. I would be freaking out, too!


  12. Maybe there is a slight upside? When I am solo parenting, I love eating breakfast for dinner! Cereal, waffles, etc. Luckily, my daughter loves it too.

  13. Wow, I started having a panic attack just reading this. 10 DAYS?? What the hell are you supposed to do? (Rhetorical question, naturally.) Um, how about I send you an emergency package of wine and chocolate?

  14. giiiiiiirl, i will be praying for you AND your sanity! austin’s going away for 7 days later next month to guatemala but i’m planning on packing up and going to the kids’ godmother’s house so that i’ll have backup!! 😉

  15. We’re here for you sweetie! Call anytime you need us – even if you just need someone to drink wine with you so you don’t feel so bad!! We’d gladly take Matty off your hands or come over and help you with Olivia. We’re moments away and wouldn’t hesitate to jump in the car to save you! xoxoxo

  16. I know. It’s scary at first. Then it’s overwhelming and frustrating and tiring. But you’ll make it through, and you’ll be awesome.

  17. That is a very long time! Hope they have fun and you survive :o) I may have to pop over with a bottle of wine that week!

  18. You will need that weekend to yourself!! So now do you take that before or after he leaves?? If you take it before, the refreshed feeling will quickly go away after they leave. Wait until they get back and you won’t want to leave Matt and Gabe.

  19. I would be freaking out too! They do realize that for every day they are gone, you get double that in rest and no laundry duty when they get back, right? 😉

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