The Talent Show

It’s 10 o’clock and I’m exhausted…so I’ll write more about the talent show experience and those perfect, beautiful souls that are Olivia’s friends tomorrow. But I couldn’t wait to show you my perfect, beautiful little girl dance her ass off in the talent show!!! Oh and don’t forget about Gabriel and is awesome piano solo!! I am one proud mama tonight!!!



20 responses to “The Talent Show

  1. I was hoping to see you and tell you how great I thought both your kiddos were tonight….but then the whole fire alarm thing happened and we left pretty quickly after 🙂 You should be a proud mama! I just read your article in my Glamour magazine and after the talent show tonight, wow – you’ve done good mama!

  2. Tiffany! That is amazing! She did such a great job and what a great group of girls. So beautiful! Gabe was awesome too. You should be so proud. :oD

  3. Oh, sweet Tiffany. First of all, Gabe…I am totally jealous. You are sooooooo good, my friend! I want to take piano lessons from you!! I loved your stylish shirt and thought your performance was simply awesome. Next…to Olivia. My face is wet with happy tears that fell when I watched you dance tonight. You made me so proud, as a mama of a little girl who dances to her own beat and sometimes needs a little help from her friends. But, you know what, Olivia? I thought you were the only TRUE original out on that dance floor and I loved every second of that video!! My heart is full tonight 🙂

  4. My heart melted watching Olivia dance tonight and Gabe did such a great job on piano. You are an awesome mom!

  5. WOO-FREAKING-HOO is right! Those are two talented kiddos!!

  6. You go Olivia!!!! She was awesome – and the other girls did a great job too 😉

    And Gabe??? He’s just amazing too!!! I played that song in a recital once – it’s hard!

    WOO-FREAKING-HOO to both your kiddos – and the Townsend clan!!!!

  7. Hooray for the Elastakids!! What a wonderful video. I’m so glad you posted it.

  8. Wow, could that be any cuter? What a wonderful way to end my night!! Way to go O and G! You two are amazing. Thank you for sharing Tiff! This seriously warmed my heart on this rainy day!

  9. Ohhhh how did I forget to tell you Fireworks is absolutely my favorite song right now, and now I love it even more… Didn’t know that was even possible. I just love those sweet kids of yours! Please have more so the world will always have some of this sweetness!

  10. I am literally in tears right now! So sweet!

  11. I had the biggest grin on my face watching Olivia. I can only imagine how proud you guys are! And Gabe…such a well rounde kid!! They both did a great job!!

  12. That’s awesome!

  13. Awesome! Brought tears to my eyes to see Olivia enjoy herself so much and how her Friends helped and included her. Gabe is also very talented!

  14. Like everyone who commented before me, this brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful, the friendship, the strength in your beautiful little girl, the talent in your boy. Awesomeness all the way around.

  15. Were you totally in awe and in tears when Olivia was up there dancing??? She was AWESOME! And how about all of her friends that included her and didn’t seem to mind to find her when they needed her for a partner. I was crying while watching her. Then to hear Gabe play the piano–wow! You have talented kiddos. I can’t wait to see what Matthew can do in a few years. :o)

  16. Got tears again! Good job, Olivia & Gabe! And once again, I watch Olivia and think of what might be possible for Janine. Janine exhausts herself dancing in front of the TV when Dancing WIth the Stars comes on(!), so I’m hoping we can find an opportunity for her. Loved how the other girls helped, too.

  17. This is awesome Tiffany. I understand why you are one proud Momma.

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  19. OLIVIA!

    I got teary-eyed just watching this. You must’ve been bawling from the audience. There is just something so powerfully overwhelming about seeing your kids (and apparently someone else’s!) on the stage.

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