Smooth as Silk

My daughter is hairy.

There, I said it.

She’s like a monkey. And it’s super dark. Especially against her alabaster skin. It’s very…shall we say…noticeable.

Now that she’s 10, I thought it was time.

Time to shave.

ACK!!! I was freaked out by the prospect, but if she was a “typical” girl, she would be shaving by now, so why not? If she was “typical”, I would never let her walk around wearing shorts or a skirt with those hairy, hairy legs. There was no way she could wear shorts this summer or a bathing suit without shaving.

So we did it.

First, I waxed them. I know that sounds mean, but she has a super high pain tolerance. She giggled while I ripped the hair out of her legs. I’m not lying. Giggled. Then she took a bath and I shaved them with a dull razor.

She did so great!!! She thought it was so cool and laughed the whole time. Afterwards, I made a big deal of putting lotion on them and talking about how smooth they were. She was giddy. We called Grandma to tell her all about it.

She felt like a big girl.

Part of me thinks it’s awesome. My little girl is really growing up. Part of me is completely freaked out. My little girl is growing up. It felt like just yesterday I was worrying about shaving her legs and now it’s here.

She’s really growing up.

Now my next question is…when do you think I can wax her eyebrows?


19 responses to “Smooth as Silk

  1. Bella just shaved too! She is 10 next week. It was hysterical. I had to do it for her. Wish I had done waxing first. What did you use? Josie had her eyebrows waxed at 13. I kinda wait until they ask or complain about it for a while. When I was little someone said I looked like a monkey with all my body hair. I used bikini hair remover lotion on my face. Big mistake! I had burns and scabs. It was awful. So now I start my kids off the right way!

  2. AHHHH! SHES SOOOO OLD!! LOVE THIS POST!!!!! You can wax brows now! Truly. I wish more than anything someone would have taken care of my wicked brows at an earlier age. I was the one who had to do it “behind my moms back” and I turned out to have about 4 hairs left. (two on each side! lol) . I kept going until I thought they were even. bahahahha.

  3. that is hysterical that she giggled when you waxed her legs! i wish i had that sort of pain tolerance! i cry every time i tweeze my eyebrows for pete’s sake! hannah has some seriously dark hairy legs so i’m thinking that shaving them will be a blessing one day. and the eyebrows?? girl, my kids got a mix between my brooke shields ‘brows and austin’s caterpillars. the waxing will occur as soon as they can handle it!! 😉

  4. I am so happy that I have boys because I would completely freak out, I think!! As for the eyebrows, my niece will be 10 in September and she has already had some eyebrow grooming. I am not sure that they did a WHOLE brow wax or just a little thinning, but I know that they have tended to them.

  5. Hey, at least she doesn’t have the fur on her upper lip! I’ve wanted to wax Miss D.’s since, like, birth.

  6. I have a hairy kid too (Lily!)… however it’s her back that is mostly hairy!!! I’m so tempted to wax it but since she is only 3 I think I better wait 🙂

  7. I was thinking about shaving Gracie’s legs last weekend. I actually started to shave one leg and she didn’t like it so I stopped. Neither one of us is ready!

  8. My 4th-grader hasn’t asked about it yet, but I know some of her friends have started shaving. I’m just waiting for the day when she brings it up. Her brows, on the other hand, need some work, but she is terrified of the wax!! (As am I, LOL!)

  9. Such a wonderful girly milestone. I remember when my daughter began shaving. Her dad was the one freaked out by it. It’s still hard for him to admit his little girl is grown up. I’m glad Olivia had a fun experience.

    As for the eyebrows. Maybe you could just ‘tidy’ them up for now. Clearing away any strays between them, and wait ’til she’s older to start shaping them.

  10. Aww, this is sweet. But it also makes me glad I have blond daughters. 🙂 At eight and four, my girls have a few years before I have to start worrying about this, but ohh, I’m already freaking!! I’m glad it was a fun experience for Olivia, though. You did good, Mama.

  11. OMG!! I’d be freaking out too! I don’t even want to think ahead to the time when Kaia will be doing that. Although, DH keeps asking me when it would be considered ok to wax Kaia’s eyebrows….or should I say eyebrow.

  12. I get this Tiffany. My daughter is recently noticing her hair on her body. It might have something to do with the young pre-K boy who told her that she has a moustache. I can’t wait to wax that fuzz off her upper lip.

  13. Wow! She is growing up! I was ten when my mom let me shave because indeed, I was pretty hairy myself. My daughter is on the same track — my son is smooth as a baby’s bottom. My daughter’s leg hairs stick off her legs by a quarter inch. And she has this soft baby hair on her back. Why is that God gave long eyelashes to my son and back hair to my daughter? Why? Oh, why?
    Good for you, Momma! She’s officially a pre-teen.

  14. Bahaha! It’s sometimes hard to admit that our children sometimes need help with hygienic issues–deodorant for little boys anyone?–so I find it awesome that you not only said this out loud but did something about it! And that she laughed the whole time! I still cry–my skin is so darn sensitive that everything EVERYTHING gives me razor burn and hurts. Ouch.

    Ah! But the growing up! What do you do about that?

  15. Thanks you for this beautiful reminder of why I really am happy that I have boys! There may be a lot of fart talk at the dinner table but I don’t have to deal with shaving or hormones or periods or…
    Oh, and can I say that I’m appalled that you let Olivia grow up so fast! Why, just a day or 3 ago she was a little baby fussing at me in a Maureen crafted homemade Bumbo!!! She can’t possibly be old enough to shave!!! Wherever does the time go???

  16. Love this, it made me really laugh. I’ve been wanting to get Olivia’s eye brows done since she was 2. Lately I’ve been asking her if she wants to do it but she refuses because she sees me getting it done. Needless to say, I’m such a big baby so I should never have let her see me do it. I love that your Olivia laughs about it.

  17. This is a cute post. I am glad you were able to make it feel like a girls date! O is so stinking cute. And it is funny you say she has a high pain tolerance. I was telling Brittany today I think Lily has a high pain tolerance too. Ohhh if you can wax those beautiful eyebrows she would look even more like Anne Hathaway!!

  18. 10? That’s when the girls are waxing these days?? Oy. I am so not ready for my little girl to grow up!

  19. CrystalBurnworth

    Not sure she’s ready for eyebrows yet 😉 (he he) I love she was okay with the legs. I don’t think I shaved my legs until thirteen and eyebrows not until I was married, so she’s probably safe to wait on the brows for now. Her beauty is so natural and real, you really don’t have to mainstream it.

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