The Magic of Harry Potter

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a big Harry Potter nerd. I love all things HP. I’ve read the whole series of books at least five times. I just love them. I think JK Rowling is a freaking genius.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Gabe to be ready to read them with me.

At first, he didn’t want to read them. He’s been able to read them for a couple of years now but had no interest. Part of me thought that he didn’t want to read them because I wanted him to.

So I changed tactics. My rule has always been that you can’t watch a movie from a book unless you’ve read the book first. I’m sorry, but you just can’t replace that first experience that your imagination gives you. There’s no watching Harry Potter (or any other) until you read the book!

A few months ago, I caved and I asked him if he wanted to watch the first Harry Potter movie with me. His eyes about popped out of his head.

“I thought I had to read the book first?!”

Little did he know, it was all part of my master plan. I was going to get him hooked.

And I did.

He watched the movie and loved it. I suggested he read the book because they leave a lot of stuff out in the movie. I said I’d read right along with him. He read it. And he loved it. Couldn’t put it down. He kept coming up to me and saying “MOM! I can’t believe they left this part out! It’s so cool!!”

That was a little over a month ago and we are now on book 4. He’s reading like a mad man. He reads at the bus stop, on the bus, at indoor recess, outside on the trampoline, before he goes to bed, any chance he gets.

It’s magical.

He’s always liked to read, but this is the first time that we are reading a series together. Not just A series, but my favorite series of all time. The best part is that we’re reading it together. All day long we’re having conversations about the book and where we’re at and who’s on what page and who’s “winning”. He loves being ahead of me and making me catch up. After we read the book, then we watch the movie together. It’s so fun.

I’m constantly looking for ways to bond with the boys because I feel like it’s harder for me than it is for Matt. They have that instant and automatic father/son bonding thing going on. I’m the first one to say, yes, I’ll play basketball with you. Yes, I’ll practice batting with you. Yes, I’ll play catch. Yes, I’ll play street hockey. Whatever it takes to bond with them.

But this? Reading Harry Potter together? It’s MY thing. He loves it. It’s been magical.

He’s already talking about how we can read The Hunger Games next. That puts a giant smile on my face.



15 responses to “The Magic of Harry Potter

  1. That’s awesome! I wish Nolan would get into reading, but he hates it. Everynight he has to read 15-20 for school and it’s like pulling teeth to get him to do it. He’s a great reader, and started reading well at an early age, so I don’t really get it. I could understand him not liking it if he had trouble with reading, but he doesn’t. Mark and I aren’t readers (well, we can read, obviously, we just don’t), so he comes by it honestly. Although I do every so often pick up a book and get into it. Like the Twilight series most recently. I’m going to try the Hunger Games as well, and maybe I can get him into Harry Potter this summer if we sit and read together, (which is not easy for me with the other two). He liked the movie, and loves the lego video game, but he asks too many questions about what is happening. He needs to read the book to get it!!

  2. so great! i love me some harry potter too….i hope that one day my kids will read the series as well. and you’re right about the whole bonding with sons thing. i worry about whether or not chan will want to do anything with his ole mom when he gets a little older. you know, since i don’t drive a tractor and all 😉

  3. I started reading the books before my kids did, and like you had to practically beg them to try them. My daughter, who started reading the books while she was in Middle School and is now a recent college grad, is a huge HP fan. When her sorority went to Harry Potter World for a group trip, she was thrilled… For me, I got the entire HP movie library (minus the last movie to be released) for Mother’s Day. I see an all-day HP marathon in my near future.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books! I began reading them years ago before my children were quite ready to read them with me. My oldest (who is a boy) started reading them in 3rd grade and has been hooked ever since. As the new books were released, we read them together and shared the secrets of the story. My youngest (a girl) has started reading the first book several times but never seemed to become obsessed with them as my son has. She loves the movies and gets very frustrated with my son and I when we won’t tell her what is going to happen in the latest movie. I keep telling her that she is missing half of the story by not reading the books first…maybe someday. We visited the World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida over spring break this year and they did a fantastic job capturing the magic of the books. I would recommend a visit for any Harry Potter fan.

  5. That is awesome! I’m waiting for the day that I can do that with my 8 year old. He takes after me and is a great reader/reads all the time. He’s still a bit intimidated by the size of the HP books, though, and tends to get nightmares. I’ll probably try again over the summer.

  6. Have you listened to them on CD? I don’t have time to read the books, so instead of just skipping to the movies, I’ve been listening to the audiobooks and they are amazing! I listen any chance I get! I’m on the 7th book and I just don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m done!! I watch the movie when I’m done with a book and I always say – oh they left out this or that. Dale narrates the books and I wish he’d read to me each night before I go to bed. It’s a whole different experience than reading or watching the movies.

  7. Awww! I am thrilled to have the same experience with my kids someday. Harry Potter is my favorite FAVORITE fantasy book ever. JK Rowling is a genius.

  8. That is GREAT!!!!!!

  9. So cute Tiffany! I have to agree Rollings is brilliant!! I can’t say I read the books only the first one and then stopped at Chapter 5. Not because it wasn’t good but because I seriously cant stand reading and once I heard the movie was coming out it killed all and any motivation. I know I am horrible huh? It just takes me far to long to read one freaking page. By the way we finally watched the latest movie last night!!! LOVED IT!!!

    I am so glad you are able to make it a fun challenge for him. That it is something you two can relate on and share the same passion. I love how he wants to stay ahead of you. What a great way to get them wrapped up into reading! And another reason Rollings is genius, kids can’t put the book down. Children need books like this. You guys need to go to Florida to the Wizading World of Harry Potter. It looks amazing!! Then you need to blog about it so it is like I went with you hahahha. Just kidding, Seriously you should think about taking G down there, you guys would have a blast!

  10. I love this!! Alyssa (eight) has been reading for over two years now, but not nearly the way I did at her age. I devoured books. She’s just recently started voluntarily reading every night when she gets home. She’s reading a Junie B. Jones series and the giggles it illicits amuse me so much. I love it when she stops and reads passages outloud because she found them so funny we MUST hear them too.

    Here’s to kids reading!!!

  11. That’s awesome! How smart of you to change your tactics and let him watch the movie first!! What a wonderful way to bond!
    I’m goind to admit something here, don’t hate me!! I’ve never watched Harry Potter nor have I read the books. I’m going to try to fix that very soon!

  12. So should I confess I’ve never ready any of them or watched the movies. I know I’m unAmerican right?? Never picked up the Twlight series either. Can we still be friends 🙂 Rex is finally picking up steam with his reading and totally getting into it. He’d still rather be kicking, throwing, dribbling, catching… any ball at anytime. Maybe this summer we will both tackle Harry.

  13. Oh how I long for this day! Eli wants so badly to read HP. I bought him his first chapter book today and he was so incredibly excited. He’s well on his way and Keegan won’t be long behind him. What a beautiful thing you get to share with Gabe (and eventually Matty!). And what a fantastic way to encourage more reading!

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