Anne or Olivia

I think it’s too funny how many of you have commented on how Olivia looks like Anne Hathaway! My friend, Sarah, texted me during the Oscars to say that very same thing! I never realized it, but now that I look, I think you’re all right!!! It’s also interesting that Matt thinks NO ONE is very pretty (except me…which is one of the reasons I love him so) but he thinks Anne Hathaway is beautiful.

Maybe because she reminds him of his gorgeous daughter? Hmmm…

What do you think?


14 responses to “Anne or Olivia

  1. She really does look like Anne, but Olivia is much more beautiful!

  2. Absolutely!!! I agree…

  3. I definitely see the resemblance. I love that Anne is the only actress that Matt thinks is beautiful. I have to agree that it’s probably because she looks like Olivia (not the other way around. 🙂 )

  4. I see the resemblance too!

  5. YES! I AGREE!!!!!

  6. I love it! See…my mom was right : )

  7. Absolutely! How special is that!

  8. Amazing! But, I agree with Debbie. Olivia puts Ms. Anne to shame!

  9. I totally see it! But I am sure Olivia has a better personality than any actor out there!

  10. I can totally see it! O is so beautiful, I love that thick lushes hair!!!

  11. Beauties, both of them! xo

  12. Wow! I CAN see it! I sure love Olivia–even though I haven’t actually met her.

  13. I see the resemblance. They are both beautiful, but I like Olivia’s style more.

  14. Lovely smiles on both of them. I see what you mean.

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