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She was moving.

She was excited. Terrified. Anxious. Nervous.

She would miss Her friends so much. They had been friends since kindergarten and now She would be moving away and making new friends. This was the hardest part for Her.

Over the next few months, She tried to spend as much time as possible with Her friends. Trying to soak up every moment with them was Her goal.

One summer morning, She was awakened really early by two of Her friends. She was taken from the house in her pjs and tossed into a car where She discovered She was being “kidnapped” along with Her other friends and going to a breakfast party. How fun was that idea? It was one of the best days of Her life. They had breakfast together, jumped on the trampoline and talked. It was a wonderful day. One of the coolest things about it was that Her Mom was in on it and kept it a secret. How cool!

Towards the middle of summer, when it was almost time for Her to move, one of her best friends invited Her over for a sleepover. She was really trying to treasure and remember all of these “little” moments before She left. Of course She would see Her friends again, but it wouldn’t be the same. And She knew that. On the day of the sleepover, She had an appointment. The appointment ran late and She was, in turn, late for the sleepover at Her friend’s house. When She got to Her friend’s house, She said they had to run over the her cousin’s house (who happened to be another of Her best friends) to pick something up. Upon arriving, She was asked to go get the pop out of the garage. When She opened the door to the garage, She heard…


Her friends were all there! She couldn’t believe it! She had no idea!! A surprise party just for HER!! She had never felt more loved. Her friends went to all this trouble just for Her. It was so thoughtful and amazing. They danced and ate and hung out in the summer air and had a wonderful time. She would never, ever, ever forget it.

Before She knew it, the time to move was upon Her. She was excited to decorate Her new room (complete with Her own bathroom!) and check out Her new neighborhood and maybe, just maybe, meet some new friends.

It was going to be a whole new world.


3 responses to “Friends

  1. What wonderful friends. Here’s to hoping your kids find the same kind of kindred spirits!

  2. I moved around a ton when I was a kid and never experienced anything like that! How lucky you were to have such awesome friends in your life! Hopefully you were able to keep in touch with them over the years.

  3. What amazing friends you had!

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