Down by the River in My City

We’ve discovered a new favorite place in our city. And to think, we thought we knew them all!!

The kids love it. There are rocks to throw. I think my kids could do that all day long!

Water to watch flow.

A gazebo to have a picnic.

Trails to walk.

What else do you need?

Unknown Mami


11 responses to “Down by the River in My City

  1. A river runs right through our city too – – – and I plan to feature it in a future SIMC post.

    I keep wondering as I look at your photos, “Which river is this?” I went to your “about me” page, but I didn’t find a clue there to help me.

  2. That looks like a fabulous place to spend some good family time! I’m happy you found it!

  3. Kids and rocks and water… a trifecta of fun!

    That last shot is priceless. The b/w effect is perfect.

  4. NICE!!!!

  5. Beautiful! Which park this time? Side Cut??? Looks like a lovely day 🙂

  6. Lovely. What a nice way to spend the day.

  7. What a lovely series. I kept expecting to read a caption “and water to fall in to!” but perhaps that is just something my kids do whenever we are near water!

    That final shot is stunning.
    Have a great week.

  8. I would imagine you come home, often, with children with wet shoes. It is just so tempting!!! I would hav e never been able to keep my boys back from the edge!!

    My “Sundys In My City” is at:

    Have a superb week ahead!

  9. Great pictures. I like the shading, shadows, and adorable faces.

  10. Tiffany these photos are amazing! I freaking LOVE THEM!! And what a great place for the kids to play. It seems like the ideal place to let their imagination to go wild!

  11. I’m loving the picnic plates. They look a little pirate-y.

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