Thinking About Mom

Can you believe Mother’s Day is just over a week away? I can’t! We’ve only had a handful of nice days yet so it definitely doesn’t seem like it should be approaching May already! At Christmas, I did a post for Shutterfly Christmas cards and earned 50 free cards. They contacted me again about doing a post about Mother’s Day and in return I get either cards or a photobook from them. Cool right? If you’re interested in doing the same, click here!!

I usually get my Mom something for Mother’s Day. She reads this blog so I can’t tell you what I’m thinking of getting her, but I’ve got a few good ideas. Last year, I got her a necklace from Shutterfly’s photo gifts with a picture of the three kids. She LOVED it! It was fancier and much cuter than I even expected.

In the past, I’ve also made one of these photobooks for gifts and for myself. I love how you can really personalize them to what you need for your scrapbook! I have even used Shutterfly to make thank you cards after Olivia’s golf outing. I like that you can personalize them with pictures and text.

Of course I also try to have the kids make something handmade. Even if it’s just a card, I think my Mom and Matt’s mom enjoy it. I usually make one for Matt’s sister and my stepmom too. What do you usually do for Mother’s Day?

Then, when the big day comes, I sit back and relax and avoid laundry and cleaning at all costs!!


5 responses to “Thinking About Mom

  1. We’re looking at photo books for mom’s too. They are incredibly fun to make! Hope your Mother’s day is fantastic!!

  2. I think I will opt for the photobook too. It is such a great gift!

  3. This might be Mama’s last Mother’s Day. I’m trying not to dwell on that.

  4. Thanks for sharing the shutterfly info. And I can’t believe Mother’s day is so close. I don’t know how I keep forgetting!!!

  5. Enjoyed every bit of your article. Great.

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