The House on Elm Street

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After her parents decided to divorce, they tried a few different living situations. First, her Mom moved to the basement and her Dad stayed upstairs.

That didn’t last long.

Then, her parents got an apartment, let us stay at the house, and they took turns coming and going.

That didn’t work either. Neither parent had their own space. It was nice that She and her sister didn’t have to go back and forth, but it wasn’t working for their parents.

Finally, her mom bought a house. In the “city”. They lived in a very small town out in the country where the nearest neighbor is a field away. Now, She would be able to walk or ride her bike to most of her friends’ houses! She was very excited.

In a weird, small-world moment, Her mom ended up buying the house of one of their former babysitter’s. It was a 900 square foot bright green house. It was so small compared to the house they were living in as a family. But it was in town. With neighbors and friends close by. The first thing Her mom did was paint the house because that bright sea green color was just hideous. Her mom also decided to let Her have one of the two bedrooms all to herself. Her mom and sister shared a room to let Her have Her own space. She was thrilled.

Even though the house was small, it was delightful. She loved living their in peace with Her mom and sister. They had to move the small kitchen table in order to do laundry and there was only one bathroom, but it was all theirs. She absolutely loved being able to walk or ride her bike to her friends’ houses whenever she wanted. The bus didn’t come to their house now because they lived too close so She and Her sister walked to school. They even picked friends up on the way. It was much better in the nice weather than in the snow or rain, but She really enjoyed walking to and from school.

She visited Her Dad Mondays and Wednesdays and every other weekend. Her old house had a pool and She really missed that for sure. She also missed the really big yard and the girls that lived across the field that She played with regularly. Of course, She missed living there as a family. But She was really happy in their new house in the “city”.


6 responses to “The House on Elm Street

  1. This takes me back to the early days of my parents’ divorce. My mom kept the house since she was retaining full physical custody of my and my brother. My dad moved three houses away into a house with his brother. Like you, we made the best of it, looking for the positives when the negatives threatened to get too overwhelming.

  2. When are you going to turn this series into a book?

  3. What touches me is how your parents seemed willing to try things that might be uncomfortable for them – but may be the best for you and your sister.

  4. That seems like a big change. But as a kid I know how much I loved my bike rides and walks. So I can imagine how much fun that was. I am wondering what happens next….

  5. I’m impressed with the thought your parents put into living arrangements – obviously had you and your sis’ well-being in mind. That is commendable!

  6. After my parents divorce we moved into a tiny farmhouse. My grandpa was living with us and he got the upstairs bedroom. My mom, brother and sister moved into the “master” bedroom off the kitchen. I fixed up the walk in closet upstairs and made it my paradise. It was awesome! We were still more than a field away from the nearest neighbor though…

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