I’m Sorry

I’m sorry you felt it was necessary to explain my daughter in the waiting room of the dentist’s office.

I’m sorry you chose to use the words “she has problems” and “she’s gross” in my presence.

I’m sorry that you chose to use those words in her presence.

I’m sorry I didn’t rip your head off.

I’m sorry that you’ve never been exposed to anyone different.

I’m sorry that you’ve never experienced all of the joy that my daughter brings.

I’m sorry that she picked her nose in front of your son and I’m sorry that your kids are perfect. That must be a terrible burden for them to bear. I saw your 10-year-old girl and she looks like an uppity-snot already.

I’m sorry that you are going through life the way you are and missing all of the good things.

I’m sorry for your children for they will never be enough for you, I’m sure.

I’m sorry for your friends because they have such an unkind friend.

I’m sorry that people like you exist.

I’m sorry for you. Truly, sorry for you.


16 responses to “I’m Sorry

  1. wow… This is raw – I can feel the pain. How dare she judge and use the word “problems” about Olivia. From where I stand, Olivia is the most normal one of us all! I don’t know that I would have been able to keep my mouth shut.

  2. So angry for you and with you.
    Obviously the only one in that room who has “problems” is THAT lady.

  3. Reading about this woman makes me sad 😦 sad that parents act like this and don’t explain things with compassion & honesty to their kids at a level they can understand. No one like that can go home at night and feel good about themselves. Who are these people and where do they come from, seriously?! You shouldn’t be sad for anything, she sounds like the one who should be most sorry!

  4. Must have been some trip the dentist. I wish that our kids could be put in a big bubble and protected from all the yucky people in the world. I know that I’ve learned a lot from having Riley but I’m pretty sure I had a least a bit of compasion for people around me even before I had a child with Ds. It is mind boggeling to me that people can get through life with such a narrow minded view. No one deserves to be talked about like they are less of a person and especially not someone as amazing as Olivia and you.

  5. My mom has expressed concerns about people talking about Olivia when she’s RIGHT THERE. She always says, “There’s nothing wrong with her hearing. She can hear everything you say.” And it’s okay to tell people that, people who are so rude, so self-absorbed that they can’t comprehend perfection beyond their nails and their hair and their 2.5 children. I’m sorry this happen to you and to Olivia. So sorry.

  6. WTF?? Oh I hate people….THOSE people. I can NOT believe that someone said those things in front of you….in front of Olivia. Ugh. I am so sorry!!! Just know that you are the lucky one….you get life, you know what is important, and you know that you have been blessed….that person knows NONE of that!!! Hugs my friend!

  7. Tiffany, I am so sorry this happened to you and Olivia. I really can’t believe people are so callous and cruel. Sending hugs to you friend.

  8. WOAH. I’m sorry for people like these too. Don’t you feel like you walk around with a secret no one else knows? A love that no one else has ever experienced? The greatest, most amazing experiences that no one else will ever understand? Yeah. I thought so. This piece explains it all. So sorry for those people living such an empty life…

    (I loved your reaction – wanting to rip her head off, but remaining calm and thinking these lovely little [secretive] thoughts!)

  9. Some people are so incredibly ignorant. I know it’s terrible to think, but sometimes I secretly wish people like this would have to live just one day in my son’s shoes. They would never say anything this thoughtless ever again.

  10. You have GOT to be kidding me? What soulless shrew would ever say something like that? I am so, so sorry!

  11. Oh no she didn’t??!?!?!?!
    Wow, I can’t believe people like her actually exist! I am sorry that you had to experience that, and I was definitely feeling angry for you! I wanted to rip her head off too!

  12. Oh dear, what a sad scene this paints. Both for you to feel, for Olivia to hear, and for the children of this woman. May God help them grow up not by her example.

  13. “I’m sorry for your children for they will never be enough for you, I’m sure.”

    I’m sure too.

  14. I am so sorry that you and your beautiful Olivia had to experoence a hatefull person!

  15. I’m sorry. Some people need the shut the f*ck up.
    I’m truly sorry you and your daughter had to experience that crap.

  16. HELL NO!!! I have zero tolerance for such ignorance! If I was ever in the same room as this situation, I hope you know I would stick up for you and O. That is completely uncalled for, rude, and obviously she/he is the disgusting one!

    Actually I feel bad for that person for not knowing the true beauty in life! They have so much to grow and learn, and unfortunately they are mostly likely to old to change their way, or be willing to learn.What a sad life they must know!!

    I am sorry you and O had to experience this. It truly breaks my heart!! There are some sour people on this earth, who have such a ugly heart. That is why they will never be blessed with someone as special and beautiful as Olivia!

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