Thank Goodness for Little Hams

Gabe might be in the “You’re not taking my picture, woman!” phase…but the other two are little hams.

I’m so glad. It makes a picture-taking-Momma happy.

Since Gabe was having a “Rock and Roll” ipod party, Olivia had to dress the part. Isn’t she the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen??? I can’t stand it!

She had to show off her dance moves first.

Then she went into super-model phase. After years of it being so difficult to get a good picture of her, I’m so thankful that now it’s so easy!!

And Matthew? He’s always saying “Mommy! Take my picture! Take my picture!” and I usually end up with a cheesy smile like this. But I’ll take it.

Like I said, thank goodness for little hams.


12 responses to “Thank Goodness for Little Hams

  1. matthew remind me alot my my chan when it comes down to picture time. chandler ALWAYS gives me the cheesiest grins….i LOVE it! and olivia is, like, TOTALLY rocking that side ponytail 🙂

  2. Great pictures! Love the side pony tail!

  3. She’s rockin’ that hairdo!

  4. The hairdo and that smile at the end! So lovely Tiffany.

  5. Beautiful pics all around! Love the cake, too!

  6. Love the little ‘hams.’ Great pictures of great kids. 🙂

  7. Man, she’s got fabulous hair.

  8. I love O’s outfit!!! What a fashinista! Great photos by the way!!

  9. These are awesome! The cheesy smile is all we get from Keegan these days too 🙂 But their still so darn cute you can’t help but snap that shot!

  10. Love all the pics, but that last one cracks me up!

  11. They are adorable! My boys are hams too. It’s so much fun to take pictures of hams.

  12. Olivia is so beautiful. She looks radiant in the streams of sun beams through the window in these pictures. And I adore this style of ponytail on her.

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