The 9th Cake!

My boy is so grown up. You want to know how I know?

He wanted an ipod touch cake! On the screen he wanted Angry Birds. That’s way too pre-teen for me! But, man, was it cool! My sister does such a wonderful job; I love how she adds the extra touches like the volume and power button.

And there was some little guy watching it all….wishing it was his birthday!

It was time to blow out the candles…I wonder what he wished for? Hopefully another great birthday like this one.


7 responses to “The 9th Cake!

  1. Awesome! You rocked it!

  2. Another warm & fuzzy post !

  3. Ha! I love that he wanted Angry Birds on his cake!

  4. I WANT ONE!!!! She needs to start a business… that seriously is one of the best cakes I have ever seen. The pigs really look like the game. And she added the bust of feathers hahahahah. What a great job!!

  5. Lovely! Now can I come over for a piece of Gabe’s cake?

  6. Your sister is just amazing! What a great way for her to honor their birthdays! And what a cake – wow 🙂

  7. Does your sister have her own business? Cuz she should. And then one of those cute reality shows about her business…

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