Gabe’s Surprise

I think Gabe had the best birthday of his life. At least that’s what he said! I’m so glad that I could make his 9th birthday so special!

It started on Thursday with a scavenger hunt to find his big gift from us. He wanted the Harry Potter Hogwart’s Castle Lego set but it was over $100! We agreed to go in on a basketball hoop with Matt’s sister and parents too…so we said that it would be way too much money. He had to choose either the hoop or the castle and he chose the hoop.

But we had a little something up our sleeve. We always give the kids their presents on their actual birthday so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with everyone else’s gifts. Matt thought we should do a scavenger hunt so he made up som clues that lead him to his big surprise. (Side note: my pictures are not the greatest because he was running around so fast!)

His final clue led him to the shower. What could be in there?

He was SO surprised and thrilled. We had his requested dinner (bone-in pork chops, potato skins and carrots…the kid has an awesome pallet!) and then had this oreo cake for dessert. As soon as the last bite was taken, he ran upstairs to put his castle together. He woke up early the next morning and ran upstairs immediately after to school to finish the 1290 piece castle. I’ve never seen him so excited!

Let me tell you something…this boy deserved this surprise. I’m so glad we were able to do this for him!


13 responses to “Gabe’s Surprise

  1. I love birthday surprises for the kids, it is so much fun to see them so excited and so happy and it really doesn’t take a lot for them to be thrilled ( I wish I could get that excited for cake and balloons). It looks like a great birthday!

  2. How fun! I’m glad he had such a great time for his b-day. We do a scavenger hunt every year for Easter for the kids and the LOVE it! We started doing it on a whim when Nolan was younger, and of course he remembered it and expected it every year. It’s tough to come up with clues and hiding spots, but it ends up being a good time.

  3. Oh, the smile on his face is PRICELESS! What fun to get to surprise him:)

  4. That’s awesome! I’m so glad that he got what he wanted!
    We did a scavenger hunt with Caleb for his presents once and it was so much fun!

  5. You rock, Mama. I love the scavenger hunt idea!

  6. What a lucky boy! Bet you feel like you’re the lucky one though…

  7. The scavenger idea is so cool. But you and Matt are even more cooler parents!

  8. We always do a scavenger hunt for Easter! That Easter Bunny is a sneaky guy 😉 I love the look on Gabe’s face!! You can’t create that kind of happy. That’s all him being the happy birthday boy! Glad it was so awesome!

  9. That is so sweet!! He will always remember that too. He will remember how happy it made him. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!

  10. What a happy boy! I love the idea of the scavenger hunt. I’m going to use that. My seven year old is Lego crazy. It;s fabulous to see them be so committed. Happy Birthday to you big little man.


  11. What a great present! I’m so glad you were able to surprise him with it. What a great kid. Definitely a testament to great parents.

  12. i always loved when my parents surprised me like this. it was such a great feeling 🙂 i love the scavenger hunt….my parents used to do something like that for our Christmas presents! we would have to answer Christmas trivia to get the next clue….it was how i found out i was getting a new car during my senior year (let’s just say thank GOODNESS for scholarships so my parents could use some of my college fund to buy me a car that would actually make it TO college!). such fun memories…thank you for reminding me of them 🙂

  13. Poonch got those Legos for Christmas, she loves them. After seeing all of the pieces, I can’t believe anyone can make sense of all of that…

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