I can’t tell you how many times a day I think to myself “I’m so lucky.”

Even when Matt is acting so terribly grumpy because of his job situation. Even when Olivia forgets that she’s 10 and unloads a deuce in the bathtub. Even when I’m so tired I feel like I ran a marathon the minute I wake up.

I still think I’m lucky.

Olivia and I were able to lounge on my bed and watch Seinfeld for a half-hour last night after her bath. It was the episode where Jerry’s girlfriend is a masseuse (Jennifer Coolidge! Although you’d never know it was her!) and all he wants is a massage but she won’t give him on. Remember that episode? Anyway, Olivia asks for a massage and then can’t stop giggling because she thinks it tickles. She then proceeds to give me a massage and we go back and forth for the whole show.


She then sees the Family Guy commercial where Stewie (sp?) says “Mom!Mom!Mom!Mom!” And Lois says “WHAT?????” and he says “HI!” and then proceeds to do that to me for the rest of the night. It was so hilarious.


Gabe is all into Harry Potter (finally!) and we have been reading the books together and then watching the movies together. I’m currently his BFF and I couldn’t be happier about it. We made a stop-motion Lego video together the other day and I helped him edit a movie he and his friends made. I’m currently “the coolest”. This is a major change for me and I’m loving it.


Matthew still says things like “nemember” instead of remember and “I fink” instead of I think and just learned how to buckle his own seatbelt. He still looks at me like the sun rises and sets behind me. I still have 5 more months with him at home before he goes to school all day.


Even though Matt is beside himself with worry over his job, he still takes time to tell me he loves me. And I couldn’t love him more.



13 responses to “Lucky

  1. Finding the joy is one of the hardest things this eternal pessimist can do. Lucky you for finding yours. πŸ™‚

  2. That Family Guy snippet gets me giggling every time. It’s genius.

    Leave it to you to find the Lucky amidst the chaos. It’s why we love you.

  3. Lucky indeed!
    Realizing and appreciating it makes all the difference in the world!

  4. Even when I am at my lowest, I feel the same way. Lucky!

  5. I am so sorry Matt is facing such uncertainties with his job. That is hard. Real hard. Thinking of you ones.

  6. I love that you can find the beauty in life every single day. That’s a serious talent.

  7. Love this post! It always helps to count your blessings when sometimes it would be easy to feel like you don’t have many! We are in a similar situation right now with Mike’s job and everything else going on with Lily and life in general. And I have to admit it can get pretty easy to wallow, but then I remember these small things that mean so much and I too begin to feel really lucky! Thanks for the post.

  8. I love your attitude. I’ve working on my own mantra, “it could be worse,” and being grateful for what good we do have.

  9. Your attitude is an inspiration! It really is.

  10. You are amazing, I hope you know that! And I know what you mean about the word thing. I love that Keegan still says all his L’s as W’s. It makes me smile πŸ™‚

  11. You are lucky and so are they! OMG, you just made me realize where my daughter got the “mom, Hi! from. I don’t let her watch that. I guess I don’t control everything!

  12. My little one says “snawich” instead of sandwich. It provides an instant smile in my face. Your perspective is inspiring Tiffany.

  13. bahhahaha this made me laugh!! What cute stories. I think you are very lucky too!

    PS Brittany’s little boy reminds me of that exact clip of Family Guy. He use to do the exact same thing!!! And Brittany would reply the exact same way!!! And then he would literally run away! We still talk about that clip and how funny it is!

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