Daddy’s Little Girl

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She was five or so and her nickname was Little D and she loved it. Everyone thought she looked just like her Dad and so they called her that. She beamed with pride every time they went to the lumber yard and the old guys would tousled her hair and say “Hey! Little D’s here!” She’d sit on a stool at their counter while her Dad picked out nails and screws and his wood and pet their cat. He was a carpenter and that made her proud. He built things! She loved these special mornings with her Dad.

Sometimes they would go to Sears looking for tools or something like that her Dad needed. She was just happy to be along for the outing. Sometimes they would be giving out free popcorn even! If she was really lucky, her Dad would even let her pick out a little bit of candy at the candy counter. She loved Swedish Fish the best but she was usually torn between those and the Mexican Hat candy. If the sun was really smiling on her that day, she would even get to have a Slushie. She loved holding her Dad’s hand and walking along as his little doppelgänger.

Every year they attended the local county fair. It was truly the highlight of the summer. This year she went with just her Dad. She wore her new two-piece pink seersucker outfit that she loved. It was brand new and her Mom did her hair in pigtails and she thought she looked perfect. She couldn’t believe her ears when they got to the fair and her Dad asked her if she wanted to get her face painted. She had always wanted to have her face painted but had never been allowed. Her face made up like a clown, she was as happy as could be. They rode the tilt-a-whirl as many times as they could and she loved looking across the middle wheel at the smile on her Dad’s face. She loved seeing him laugh. It would remain one of the best days of her life.

During second grade, they moved into their new house that her Dad had built himself. It was huge and had a swimming pool! She couldn’t believe her luck. A swimming pool!!! She was so excited she could barely wait to move in.

When she was in third grade, she was allowed to take a friend to the movies. Going to see a movie was a really rare treat. She had only been to one or two before this one. And now she was allowed to take a friend! She thought about her choice for days and finally it was time to take her friend to see Back to Future. What an amazing movie! She and her Dad and her friend were talking about it afterwards and her Dad kept asking questions to make sure they understood the complicated movie. She loved it. Going to the movies with her Dad was so fun.

She loved spending time one-on-one with her Dad. She loved being Daddy’s little girl.


6 responses to “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. I have a Daddy’s girl at my house, too. So sweet.

  2. I always wanted to be a Daddy’s Girl but my dad just wasn’t the kind of dad who engendered that kind of devotion. He’s a good guy, fathering just didn’t come naturally to him. My girls, though? They adore their daddy. And I’m so glad for that.

  3. Having grown up without a Daddy this makes me both happy and sad.

  4. What great memories. Dad’s play such an important role in a child’s life. I am glad that you were able to have such a wonderful relationship with your dad.

  5. Is this about you or Olivia? I am thinking you. Not sure.

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