Motown Girl

Olivia never ceases to amaze me and makes me smile every day. Aren’t I the luckiest Mom in the world? She brought a certificate home from music class on Friday. It said..


Great job!

You knew…

Motown began in Detroit, MI

Motown was the first record company owned by African-Americans

Motown mixed Gospel music and “regular” music

This brought such a huge smile to my face that I had to share it with you!! She’s never brought anything home from her music teacher before so I’m assuming this was a big deal. I’m one proud mama, that’s for sure.


7 responses to “Motown Girl

  1. I just learned something from Olivia. I didn’t know Motown began in Detroit.

  2. Congrats to Olivia!

  3. That is pretty dang good!

  4. This? Is just awesome. I love it when our kids surprise us with all that they know.

  5. Be proud, Mama! Olivia knows more about Motown than I do.

  6. Of course she knew where Motown began! The girl’s got style and fantastic taste in music 🙂 Way to go Olivia!

  7. Just lovely Tiffany!

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