School’s Out…Summer’s Here

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Kindergarten went extremely well for both of the kids. Baby Girl had made real friends, her language had started to explode, she was walking better than ever and socially she was the queen. Little Man had continued to blossom into a wonderful little boy. There was just something about him; he had been an old soul from the beginning and he continued to display this quality. He worried about his brother and sister and took care of them. He helped around the house. He played, he made friends, he smiled. He loved school and was sad to see it end for the summer. But they were all excited for summer.


The park!

The lake!


They couldn’t wait. This would be the first summer that He didn’t have to work. They would be able to spend so much time together.

They were lucky They didn’t kill each other during the first week.

She was used to having “Her” way around the house during the day. Now He was in Her space. Doing things His way. He was on vacation. She was still working. It was ugly. But eventually they got used to it and enjoyed being together full-time. He was such a wonderful husband and father, it was nice to have him around.

That summer they went to Disney. They were so excited they were beside themselves. She was so excited to take Baby Girl especially; it would be as though all of her movies had come to life. She had researched everything about Disney and had it all planned out so they could maximize their enjoyment. He made fun of Her and kept calling Her “Julie the cruise director” as in from the Love Boat. Guess what? Everything went smoothly and they were able to see everything in all four parks at least twice! Baby Girl was in complete heaven. She just couldn’t believe her eyes! There’s Belle! There’s Cinderella! There’s Peter Pan! Roller coasters were her favorite too. The faster, the better!! Sweet Pea was too little at not-quite-two to enjoy Disney fully. He spent most of the trip in the stroller writing in the autograph book. She was convinced he had autism because he did nothing but write in that book while at the parks. All of her worry was for not though; he was simply overwhelmed by the parks. Most adults are too, right? Sweet Pea continued to be such an easy, happy-go-lucky little guy. An angel. At the end of the trip, they were already planning when they would come back because they had such a wonderful time.

It was a wonderful summer. The best part was that Little Girl didn’t “lose” any knowledge over the summer like They were afraid would happen. She continued to expand her language and physical skills. She would enter first grade in the fall even further along academically, emotionally and physically than she had ended Kindergarten. They just couldn’t get over what a miracle she was; the doctors had told them that she wouldn’t do any of the things she was doing; they also said eventually she would “plateau”. Six years later, she was proving them all wrong and they couldn’t have been happier.

**My external hard drive broke (please, feel very sorry for me!) and I can’t access any of my pictures. I have GREAT pictures from this summer that I’ll share as soon as I *fingers crossed* am able to get them off my drive!**


2 responses to “School’s Out…Summer’s Here

  1. I SO get the whole adjustment period of having one spouse suddenly, constantly in the other’s space. I’m glad you both survived. 🙂 Love the flashbacks and the storis about how Little Girl was proving and continues to prove so many medical professionals wrong.

  2. I was just thinking about your trip to Disney. We’re hoping to take the boys next year or the year after at the latest. I’m so excited and worried all at the same time. Perhaps I’ll hire “Julie the cruise director” to help me plan 😉

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