Kindergarten Capers

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Kindergarten was stressful for Her. She was constantly worried about Baby Girl. She was constantly thinking She should be doing more, helping more, being more. It was hard working and keeping the family life in tact. She also spent Her life at the bus stop. Little Man went in the morning and Baby Girl went in the afternoon; as soon as Little Man would get home, they’d eat lunch and then it would be time to get Baby Girl on the bus, put the boys down for a rest and then it would be time for her to get home. It was a crazy schedule.

But it wasn’t about Her, now was it?

They had decided to split the kids up into different classes so that Little Man didn’t worry about Baby Girl and so he could do his own thing. It worked really well. Little Man loved Kindergarten. Baby Girl did too. She was very tired when she got home because of how hard she had to work. Her regular education teacher did a nice job of including her and adapting school for her. Her special education teacher was amazing. The things Baby Girl was doing were amazing! It was much more than She expected. She had friends, real friends! She was invited on playdates and to birthday parties. She was truly part of the school community and that felt wonderful.

It was so much more than She ever dreamed of for Baby Girl. So much better than she ever expected.

A miracle.


3 responses to “Kindergarten Capers

  1. Inspiring for so many of us who worry about this up-coming day!

  2. I forgot how tired Kindergarten made Miss D. I’ll have to keep that in mind for next fall when it’s M.’s turn.

  3. That’s beautiful – all of it except for the running from bus stop to bus stop šŸ™‚ Kindergarten is exhausting – Keegan can hardly wait.

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