End It

Today is national Spread the Word to End the Word day. We parents of kids with special needs are really hoping everyone will stop using the word “retard” or “retarded” in a derogatory way. When someone says “Oh that’s so retarded!” what they are really saying is “Oh that’s so stupid!” I’ll be the first to tell you that Olivia, who technically does have mental retardation, is NOT stupid. She’s smarter than most people I know. I know many intelligent adults who use the “R” word on a regular basis and it makes them sound like an idiot. I used to say it myself before I understood the impact of the word. I meant “stupid” and in using “retarded” instead, I was the stupid one. I’m glad my eyes were opened.

Would you consider visiting here and taking the pledge to help end the word? And would you consider spreading the word as well?

Olivia and I would really appreciate it.


7 responses to “End It

  1. This is a word I have never been comfortable using, in fact I try to never use other words when I am trying to say stupid, like saying that is so gay. But until I had Lily, I never noticed when other people would used retarded in that context, and now I hear it ALL of the time! It drives me crazy! Thanks for the post and I will definitely spread the word.

  2. Great post! I am on the same page as you. It drives me crazy!!! And I know Olivia isn’t stupid, I actually don’t believe anyone ever is. I think that there is a standard of intelligence that our society has set. But if you were to look at anyone who is “stupid” you will find that they have an amazing strength in something else, that is why I don’t believe anyone could ever be stupid. Plus remember Rain Man, he did things no one else can. And Einstein failed math several times. So who can really be the judge?!? Thanks for the post Tiff!

  3. I agree with you Tiffany. Very important reminder about the gravity certain words carry. I’m headed to the pledge page.

  4. Oh, I hate that word too. Even before I had Olivia, I found that word to be so cruel. Now? It’s pure evil. It negates everything any child with special needs has ever done when someone uses ‘retarded’ to mean ‘stupid.’ I’m definitely onboard with stopping the use of that word.

  5. I’m a lot more vocal about my distaste for this word than I used to be. I would just ignore it, now I say something. I took the pledge and will continue to speak out.

  6. Oh yes I will take the pledge. It is word I stopped using in third grade because of a dear friend’s brother’s mental retardation.

  7. You know I’m all about this. People are ignorant and don’t realize how much they can hurt someone with their lack of ability to monitor what comes out of their mouths. Here’s hoping that people will wake up and use their words to help and heal.

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