The Perfect 10 Cake

My sister did it again. Hit one out of the park. Olivia’s 10th birthday cake was am-a-zing! Thank you, Hilary, for taking the time to make such a beautiful cake for my precious girl. She loved it!!


19 responses to “The Perfect 10 Cake

  1. Beautiful!! Well done to your sister x

  2. I LOVE it! What a talented sister you have!

  3. oh wow! will she make my next cake (forget my kids…I want one!!)??? and happy 10th birthday to olivia! 🙂

  4. Very Impressive!

  5. She did a great job! What a fun cake for a 10th birthday.

  6. What a great job she did!!!

  7. So awesome! I bet Olivia got a kick out of it!

  8. This *is* awesome. Your kids are lucky. For lots of reasons.

  9. Wow, that is truly amazing!

  10. Aren’t sisters great? What a wonderful way to celebrate Olivia’s tenth birthday.

  11. It looks delicious!!! She really did do an amazing job! I wish I had that talent.

  12. I cannot imagine the amount of creativity that lives in the mind of own person to make such a cake! I’m stunned! *standing ovation*

  13. I meant “one person”

  14. She seriously should market her cakes! She has a real talent 🙂

  15. Your sister should be on Cake Boss!!

  16. Your sister is amazing! Happy Birthday Olivia!

  17. That is gorgeous, and I wonder how she will Top Gabes in a few weeks?

  18. Awww! Thanks Tiff! And everyone else!
    I love making the kids cakes – it gives me SUCH joy to see their eyes light up when I bring it in the house. And yes, I hope Gabe is as happy as his cake coming up as Livvy was with hers!

  19. Her cakes are absolutely amazing! Wish my kids had an Hilary!

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