Lesson Learned

Ice came from everywhere and out went our power at 2 a.m. Monday morning.

Surely, it will be back on soon, right?


We didn’t get power back until almost 5 p.m. We were freezing but other than that it was a wonderful day. Even the kids thought so. They said it was one of the best days they’d had in a long time.

Go figure!

I thought a day without TV and video games would mean total agony for the kids. But it didn’t. They played all day long and never once complained. We read books together, they built Legos, they did a craft, we made cupcakes for Olivia to take in to school for her birthday, we chilled out. And it was awesome.

I guess our power went out for a reason, huh? We needed that lesson!


8 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. We had power but chose to go without electronics (except for Pandora!) to enjoy the day all the better. Glad you guys enjoyed it too! And that you are not still amongst those without power.

  2. How cute! I need to be better at that too. I remember the power went out a while ago and I was so upset because that meant I was missing my show… I had no idea if it would record or not hahahahah. I am glad that you have such cute kids to make it more fun.

  3. Sometimes those are the best days!

  4. We missed a lot of the ice – thank goodness because although I could live without TV and electronics…I would be dead in the water without my coffee. 🙂

  5. Sometimes the best days come in the least ideal circumstances. Glad they had a good time.

  6. Love surprisingly good days. So glad the power is back on for you, though, if only to keep you all warm. 🙂

  7. Well….I guess good can come out of anything! Ha! Although I don’t envy the power outage, when I feel cold I become very crabby. Obviously the winter and I do not get along too well.

  8. P.S. “Ben” is me. I was logged into the wrong account! *bows head in shame*

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