The Wonderful Ms. M

I posted on FB the other day that I was excited for Olivia’s IEP meeting and people thought I was nuts. I guess for most people IEP meetings are a battle and very stressful and emotionally exhausted. That’s what I prepared myself for before Olivia’s first one. But, so far, that’s not the case. I truly love her IEP meetings. All of my favorite people from her school, who take such good care of her and work so hard with her, are there. Matt and I get to hear about her progress and see what we’re working on for the next year.

One of my favorite parts though? Being able to talk to her regular education teacher. I love hearing the regular ed teacher talk about how Olivia is in the “regular” classroom. Olivia’s regular education teacher this year is Ms. M. She is truly wonderful.

At the beginning of the year, Olivia was hitting quite a bit. This was not normal for her but we couldn’t figure out what was bothering. Ms. M figured it out. Some of the girls in the class were talking to her like she was a baby and invading her personal space and it was driving Olivia crazy. Once Ms. M realized this and talked to the girls about it, Olivia stopped hitting (for the most part). How awesome is that?? I was really impressed that she figured out exactly what was bothering Olivia and took care of it.

She also has given Olivia a job in the classroom, finds books that she likes and has even found ways for her to measure with a ruler! She is so encouraging to Olivia and that makes my heart truly happy. During the IEP meeting, we were talking about how much Gabe loves to read. She went right to her room and brought back one of her favorite books (500 or so pages!) for him to read; two days later, he’s halfway through! This is why I love her IEP meetings. I get the chance to truly get to know Olivia’s teacher. And, so far, we’ve been very lucky!!

As for Miss Olivia, she’s doing extremely well. The reports we received during the meeting were really great. Her language is blowing everyone out of the water (even including “Ow my nuts!” that she shared with Mrs. G last week), her math skills are improving every day, she’s reading!, she’s spelling, she’s starting to be able to write her name independently, becoming physically stronger and continues to have really good social skills. We are so very proud.

So, Ms. M, if you’re reading this, thank you for being so wonderful. We are so thankful for you!


11 responses to “The Wonderful Ms. M

  1. Sounds like things are going very well for Olivia. It’s great that she has such wonderful teachers. We are trying to figure out wether to stay in our school district or find another one and really need to find out what the resources will be like for Helena in the different school districts. Teachers can really make such a difference.

  2. Go Ms’s O and M! Yay!

  3. I’m so glad you have such a great team working with Olivia. I wondered if Olivia still received PT through the school? When we had our Olivia in the public school system last year, the PT was really kind of useless. We put Olivia in a local gymnastics class and after almost a year, she’s so much stronger, her confidence is out of this world. I got the idea from a good friend who’s developmental pediatrician suggested tumbling/gymnastics for her daughter, who’d been born at 25 weeks gestation. He said that it would help build muscle and coordination. It’s worked wonders for Olivia. I don’t know if it’s an option for you guys, but I wanted to put it out there.

  4. Sounds like you have quite the team over there! Yah for Olivia!!

  5. Wow that sounds amazing Tiffany!!! Olivia sounds like such a champ. I totally understand the importance of good teachers. When I struggled with my learning disability I had some of the best teachers who really helped me progress… I totally get what you are talking about! I am thrilled Olivia has great teachers. It makes the world of a difference. Way to go O!!!!

  6. That is great!

    I don’t mind IEP meetings either.

  7. CrystalBurnworth

    way to go Olivia!

  8. I think that besides the fact that things are so positive for Olivia, you appreciate IEP meetings because you are a teacher yourself. I find any group meetings less intimidating than most parents do for that reason.

    Good for the team! Great for Olivia!

  9. She sounds fantastic. There are so many regular ed. teachers that could/should take some lessons from her. She obviously sees Olivia as a part of the class rather than a burden to the class. I’m always depressed when I hear about teachers wanting to get rid of these special kiddos because they interrupt. Way to go Ms. M for stepping up and being an amazing teacher!!!

  10. I have been super impressed with Riley’s teachers and the IEP process. I keep waiting for reality to hit but so far so good. Glad to hear you are much futher into the process and still having good luck.

    Glad to hear Olivia is doing so well. She is such a rockstar!

  11. I’m really glad the IEP went well. I, too, look forward to them, learning what I can do to help my Ben progress & learn and meet his next milestones, whatever they may be! Sounds like you have a fantastic support system at the school.

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