For Fun

This is an insane week for me so I need a semi-wordless Wednesday. I’m sharing some of my favorite pics of a newborn I had the pleasure of photographing last weekend. Even though he wasn’t too happy about having his picture taken, I managed to get some good ones. I thought they’d make you smile. The last one is my absolute favorite. Oh…and I love newborn feet.


6 responses to “For Fun

  1. Baby toes!!! I love baby toes. Great pics.

    Happy Wednesday and here’s to a less stressful week.


  2. nothing sweeter than naked baby feet!

  3. Those are so ccute! Newborns are so precious, who doesn’t like pictures of babies?

  4. I love a baby’s innocence captured in photographs. They are so adorable.

  5. They’re beautiful Tiffany!!

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