Cabin Fever !!!

Is anyone else out there feeling like Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Surrounded by mounds and mounds of snow and not even able to go outside because it’s fricking freezing?? And if you work from home, it’s even worse. I could not leave my house for days! All work and no play makes Elastamom a dull girl…


I’ve been finding as many !!! moments as I can and, damnit if CK wasn’t right when she started the whole !!! craze…the moments are everywhere if you look.

Like actually watching a little of The Today Show, catching Jill’s Steals and Deals and getting these super-adorable Valentine’s day cards for your little girl to give to her classmates…for $10 instead of $70! And free shipping…that’s very !!!, right?

Or watching your oldest son make this cute scene for his cards. Don’t you remember being so excited to pass out your Valentines? I do. And spending hours making my card holder too. Ah the doilies and foil and glue!!!

Or listening to Olivia say “Justin Bieber fever!” and then blow kisses at the screen when he’s on Ellen. And then she calls him a “cute little fella” and says “I love you baby!” She’s definitely 10 people.

Or having Gabe say “Can I make dinner?” and then making the whole thing including cutting up his sister’s apples into tiny little pieces.

Or having your 5-year-old still believe in the Tooth Fairy and calling the stuff she leaves behind “Pinxy Dust”. My heart. When he talks, it hurts.

Or same sweet 5-year-old choosing a Mickey Mouse puzzle for us to do together because “Sissy will LOVE it!”

Or having your 8-year-old come down in the morning and say “Mom! How much time do we have before school? I woke up this morning and had the best idea for a Mii of Mickey Mouse and I want to go make it for Olivia before I forget!” He’s so much like me I can’t stand it. And he’s so sweet my heart just melts.

And, finally, watching your boys run and run and run around the basement to work off some of said cabin fever. And feeling so thankful that you have a house with a basement in which to do it!

What made you !!! this week?

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8 responses to “Cabin Fever !!!

  1. I can not believe how cold it is! Some of the schools in our county were canceling because of the temperature.

  2. I am searching for my !!! this week. Oh this snow and COLD. WHY do I live here?????

    I’ll borrow your !!! if you don’t mind!

  3. Aren’t these kinds of moments the best?

    We’re dealing with major cabin fever here, because not only is it super cold, but my car is in the shop. I’m ready to go crazy. Thanks for the reminder that there are sweet moments all around. I just need to pay attention.

  4. January was a month that I really had to search for !!! moments. You are right though Tiffany – they are everywhere. Just have to open your eyes and take a look.

  5. I love that your boys are always thinking about what their sister will like. How sweet is that? You’re raising some amazing kids there.

  6. hahahahahahahahha I haven’t even seen the shinning and that is funny! I heard it is beyond scary and I don’t do good with scary movies even though I am secretly wanting to see it, knowing that I will never be able to fall asleep on my own or be in a dark room ever again!!!!

    I freaking loved making Vday cards in school… This is why I think they make holidays. It’s not for the retail sales but for the kids! I love how thoughtful your kids are. That is too cute that they are always thinking of Olivia.

  7. PS I love that he says Pinxy Dust ahahahaahaahahahahah

  8. Pinxy dust is about the cutest thing I’ve heard! My !!! for this week is Keegan asking to have a playdate with Matty, Gabe AND Olivia. My baby adores your girl and THAT makes my heart melt! So we gotta schedule that big people and little people playdate soon!!!

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