I feel like I haven’t shared Olivia’s progress in school with you lately…and grade cards just came out so I thought now would be a great time!

Superb is how Olivia describes her work. Isn’t that awesome? She did really well on her grade card. Her classroom teacher wrote that she enjoys Olivia’s sense of humor and that she is so glad she’s part of their class. I love it! Olivia has had a wonderful sense of humor ever since she was very little. It was one of the first ways I knew she was “in” there.

Here is one of her science assignments. She LOVES science. That was another anecdote on her grade card. Her classroom teacher said she did a great job explaining concepts with magnets and friction. She amazes me. Her aide said she did this assignment all by herself. All Mrs. D did was read the information to her and help her glue it on. She knew where each part should go. I might have had to look up most of this info!

Olivia also really struggles with handwriting. Her fingers just don’t want to work that way! Enter the ipad, right? However, at school they are still working on her being able to write her first name so she can have a signature. She’s starting to do really well with the O. It’s not as big as it used to be and it’s getting more accurate. Mrs. G, her special ed teacher, had a great idea to reward Olivia with drawing ears (O’s) on Mickey Mouse after she completes a whole sheet of smaller O’s. Isn’t she the greatest?

Olivia also has increased her spelling scores this year. Last year, I was impressed that she was able to do spelling tests and type them in herself. This year, Mrs. G decided to ramp it up a little and they have been expanding the types of words they do. They are all still in the same family, but there is more variety in the words than last year. And…she continues to do great!! Mrs. G has been doing “Hunks and Chunks” with her (I think it’s a Sylvania Schools thing) and it seems to help a lot. They’re little sayings that go with the word sounds. (If you want more info, send me an email.) Gabe did it in 1st grade and it is very cute and helpful…especially to someone like Olivia who loves songs and poems and rhymes. This was one of her latest spelling tests. She chose “Superb!” to describe her work.

Not bad for a girl who was “supposed” to be basically a vegetable, huh? She never ceases to amaze me. I am so thankful for our wonderful school system with amazing teachers to support her and challenge her!


16 responses to “Superb

  1. YESSSSSSS!!! Way to go, Olivia!! We all know how hard she’s working, but it helps to have all the awesome family support that she does. You guys rock.

  2. It’s fantastic your little one has such wonderful support to help make her shine.

    Thank you for popping by my blog during my SITS day.


  3. That’s awesome! It sounds like she has the best teachers who really know her well!


    (Nice job Mom & Dad too!)

  5. Mrs. G is a GENIUS! Go Sissy!

  6. What a gift you have in Mrs. G.–and in your superb, amazing daughter.

  7. Sounds like she not only has amazing teachers, but is an amazing young lady!

  8. This is the first time that I have actually checked out your website and it is so cool. The energy you have just amazes me! I wanted to tell you that Reghan learned “Hunks and Chunks” in Kindergarten at the Hebrew Academy and it was the first time they had them there. Reghan has always loved them and when she moved to Sylvan in 1st grade she already knew all of them and was able to help the teacher actually “Teach” them. Too cute!

  9. way to go, olivia!!! it’s amazing what kids can do when they are given a chance 🙂

  10. This post blew me away for so many reasons! SUPERB, indeed!

  11. Superb is correct!!! That spelling blew me away! WAY TO GO OLIVIA!!

  12. This amazing girl is just going to continue to blow us all out of the water! And way to go on that science paper – I would have certainly had to look most of that up! You’ve got a bright little girl on your hands 🙂

  13. not to take anything away from the school system or their wonderful teachers (bc i know they work so hard and do a great job with all their kids!) but i have to say that you deserve the kudos for pushing olivia to be all she can be and believing in her. without your love, support, and teaching, she would not be where she is today.

  14. Wow that is so awesome!!! I got the chills when I read the last paragraph. Olivia is breaking all sort of boundaries! Way to go!!! That really seems like a good school, and the teachers seem to be amazing as well. I loooooooooooved that Micky Mouse idea. That was brilliant! I loved that you shared this.

  15. High five to you, Ms. G, and Olivia!

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