Little Miss Kindergarten

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Before They knew it, pre-school was ending and both Baby Girl and Little Man would be starting Kindergarten in the fall. She was extremely sad and anxious to be leaving the safety of pre-school for the unknown of elementary school.

Would Baby Girl have friends?

Would she get eaten alive by those big school kids?

Would her teacher be nice? Helpful? Loving?

Would her special education teacher be that way too?

What would the therapy be like at school?

There were so many unknowns. She was making herself sick with the worry about it all. She just kept telling herself that She was scared of pre-school and that turned out great. Maybe elementary school would be similar. She hoped.

It was finally time for the dreaded IEP and transition meeting. She had always heard horror stories about IEP meetings. They had them in pre-school but She figured it was a whole new ballgame with elementary school IEPs. She was nervous, anxious and scared. Should She take a lawyer with Her? A parent advocate? Her Mom? Would the school system fight Her on things or would it be easy?

Again, so many unknowns. She was making herself nuts.

It was finally time for the IEP meeting. And guess what? It was fine. There were a lot of people there and that was very overwhelming but other than that it went so smooth. Baby Girl’s special education teacher seemed wonderful. Young and beautiful and very knowledgable. They felt much more calm after the IEP meeting. They had an idea about what Baby Girl’s day would be like, what her therapy schedule would be like and really felt much better. But She was still very nervous about how Baby Girl would do socially. There was nothing She could do about it, really, so She told herself to try to stop worrying about things that were out of Her control. Hadn’t that been the major lesson in having Baby Girl? To just enjoy the moment and stop worrying so much.

Little Man was beside himself with excitement over going to Kindergarten. He couldn’t wait to see his classroom, meet his teacher, make new friends and finally go to school. He would be going in the morning and Baby Girl would be going in the afternoon so they wouldn’t be in the same class. They had decided that they wanted them to be separated so Little Man wouldn’t worry so much about Baby Girl. He could just go to school, make his own friends and be himself without having to worry about his sister.

Before She knew it, the big day was upon them. It was time for them to go. She was sad that Her babies were going to Kindergarten. They were growing so fast. But She was also excited to see how it would all play out.


6 responses to “Little Miss Kindergarten

  1. sweet are they?!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! It’s hard to believe that I actually was with her on the day that picture was taken. I have to try so hard to remember her looking like that! I didn’t remember that she had all those missing teeth! Oh how far she has come and how much she has grown! I am SOOOO happy that I got to be a part of that big day and the years that have followed! 🙂

  3. They both look the exact same, only smaller! I know that anxiety all too well. I’m so glad that all went well for all of you!

  4. They look so little and sweet!

    Both of my kids started school on the same day and I was a wreck. Caleb started kindergarten and Gracie started an Early Childhood Developmental Delay class. Caleb was 5 and Gracie was 3! It was so hard to have them start on the same day but luckily their classroooms were right next to each other so I could easily make my way back and forth.

  5. Those pictures are priceless! Why are kids in backpacks so cute?!?! I could only imagine how that would feel, sending your first let along two kids!!! And that sentence, learning to let go and enjoy the moments… is such a good way to put it. That pulled on a heart string. I am glad it was a better experience then you thought it would be. Isn’t that such a good feeling, knowing that it all worked out the way it was suppose to? That really seems like a good school.

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