Olivia’s Ipad

Olivia got an ipad for Christmas and it has been so great for her. We hemmed and hawed a little over the price, but with family going in on it with us for Christmas, it was doable. Let me tell you…it’s worth every penny.

She takes it to school three days a week. Mrs. G reports that it’s been wonderful for her at school. Her fine motor skills are her weakest skill so it’s been great in helping with that. You can do everything with one finger! At home she uses it with me to practice skills or just play. She also takes it with her on car trips and to the boys’ soccer games. It’s just so great!! The best part is, she’s able to do most of it by herself. She just keeps getting more adept at using it. It’s pretty awesome to watch.

We love it too. Matt and I love to curl up and play a game of Scrabble on the ipad. (Matt always beats me.) I love to play Bananagrams and Sodoku. It’s just so much fun.

With the help of my friends who work in special education, and many websites on the internet, I found some really great apps that I wanted to share with you. Olivia’s favorite is the Burp and Fart piano. Surprise, surprise with two brothers, right? The best part is that most of the educational ones are either free of $0.99!

Here you go!

I love fireworks
Ibeams lite
Vocal zoo
Clickey stickey
Up by disney
Burp and Fart piano
Coins genius
Crazy face lite
Fruit ninja
Highlights hidden pictures
Firstwords spanish
Math bingo
Monkey pre-school lunchbox
Tales 2 Go
Weet woo
Word magic
Clifford BE big words
Free spanish tutor
iwrite words
Spell and listen cards
Animals matching
Bubble Snap
Mee Genius!
ABA Receptive Identification
Cute Math
Faces iMake
iBeams lite
Mister Rogers Make a Journal for Pre-Schoolers
Talking Tom Cat
Whizzit 123
Color & Draw for kids
Kids Can match
Magic Piano
Shape Puzzle
Splatter HD
Talking Santa
Touch Sounds
Toy Story Read Along


7 responses to “Olivia’s Ipad

  1. How awesome that she loves the iPad so much! Even though Gracie got her Vantage Lite device, I still want the iPad for the educational apps that I know she would like. Thanks for sharing all of these apps!

  2. My future mom in law is the professor in charge of education and technology at BG. She gets every little trinket to play with ever! We love her ipad! I would suggest, depending on Olivia’s ability, to get a stylist too. They make over sized that are a bit awkward for adults (partly because we are used to smaller things for touch screen stuff). It might be a good thing to get just to help her fine motor skills even more!

  3. That’s great! It is such a user friendly device. My mom loves her ipad. I will have to check out some of the apps you listed.

  4. That’s awesome!! I just wrote an article for th upcoming newsletter for the 5p-society. And I sent Laura the list of apps that we were given from her speech therapist , Lisa , that was at the conference. If u wouldl like I can email u the list. Bell a is doing great with hers too. And she uses her iTouch when she isn’t supervised. Cause I have rules with the iPad. lol

  5. I am more impressed with Apple everyday for creating something so versatile!

  6. Isn’t technology fantastic. I am glad she is enjoying.


  7. Olivia is far ahead of her generation. I mean who is lucky enough to have an iPad let alone bring one to school?!?! I heard that Mac/Apple is making things to help children in schooling, that one day they hope that kids will have iPads instead of books to lug around. I think it is awesome that she loves this and has so many apps to play with. What a great idea to get it for Olivia. How did you think of getting her one? And the scrabble game… ohhh we might have to find each other to play!!! Brittany, Gian, and myself are all obsessed with that game! I never ever win ahhahahaha but if you want to play a new buddy my user name is Haolepino. Those apps you listed are amazing. I can’t believe how many you have found. Thank you for sharing them because I am always looking for ones my niece and nephews can play with. You are making me want an iPad!!! hahaha

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