Talk To Me Baby

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Baby Girl and Little Man were in pre-school and doing well, She was working from home and enjoying it even though it was difficult to make it all work, He had a teaching job He loved and Sweet Pea was growing like a weed. Their marriage was stronger than ever. Life was good.

Baby Girl had learned a lot of signs and was using PECS in school and could say a few words…but not many words and she wasn’t very clear. It was so frustrating for her and for Them. All They wanted was for Baby Girl to be able to get her wants and needs across. To be able to say “I want a peanut butter sandwich” or “My tummy hurts” or “I love you”. They didn’t need major language here, just some words. But, man, they were not coming. They had so many conversations about how They just wanted simple words so she could get her needs across to those around her. That’s all. Baby Girl was stubborn though. She wasn’t talking.

At the national Cri du Chat conference a few years before, They had seen a 12-year-old boy with the syndrome use a communication device to “talk” to the crowd. He was completely non-verbal but could use this device. They wanted to try. School had offered several basic ones to try but They wanted to try a “big” one that could grow with her. Of course, this meant tons of meetings to discuss whether She qualified or not and whether it would really work. They were narrowing down devices to buy by trying a new one every month or so.

Baby Girl hated it. She hated pressing the buttons. She hated trying to find the picture for what she wanted to say. She hated carrying it around. She hated it.

So guess what happened?

She started talking. At first They just noticed new single words here and there and were glad that she was adding them to her repertoire. Before They knew it, she was talking. Like really talking. Putting several words together. Being understood. Everyone at school noticed it too. It was kind of…amazing. She was really talking! This was something They had been told from the beginning was very likely NOT to happen. They had been told over and over again that she would probably not ever talk. And here she was chatting away. There was still a lot of work to be done but it was an excellent start. Words, beautiful words.

Before They knew it, They heard the three most precious words They’d ever hear…

I love you.


12 responses to “Talk To Me Baby

  1. VERY COOL!!
    Sometimes we are forced to do the things we really need to do for ourselves..

  2. I haven’t been commenting (because I’m painfully shy) but this I had to say something about. WOW, little one, WOW. The human spirit never ceases to amaze me. I loved that she hated the device and this was one time you were thankful that she was defiant. She talked. WOW.

  3. What a great story!
    Stopping by from SITS

  4. Oh, what a clever little minx. Sometimes stubborn is a mighty fine character trait.

  5. So sweet. It’s amazing what our kids will do with the right motivation, huh?
    My Olivia was VERY resistent to crawling. She liked rolling to get where she wanted to go, thank you very much.

    She finally crawled at 17 months. The motivation? A cracker. I know. But…whatever it takes, right? She ended up crawling for a whole year before walking and all of her therapists were thrilled with this timeline.

  6. This is one of the things that I worry most about with Lily. Maybe because I feel like we are still so far away from seeing what she will actually be able to do, Every time she coos or sings, I hope that it means words will come later in life too! Thanks for these kinds of post, they always help me feel more optimistic!

  7. Makes me think of all the firsts I have to look forward to with my little guy! This is amazing and super inspiring!

  8. Beautiful beautiful words!

  9. Olivia and stubborn have always gone together! I wonder where she gets it… hmmmmm… 😉 Great picture of the sweetest little girl I know!

  10. That’s an amazing story. I LOVE that she hated the device so badly that she started talking. What an amazing girl she is!

  11. That is a great story. I didn’t know they had devices that could help in that way. I love that picture. What a cute girly girl! How spectacular is it that she found a way on her own, not wanting to use that device. That is a strong little spirit!!

  12. So nice to read this! I often think of all of the physical things tha I worried that Helena would never do and am amazed at how far she’s come. I am doing what I can now and holding out hope that one day she, too, will talk.

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