Wordless Wednesday — My Toof

Look who lost his first “toof”!!

**And he lost another one at 2:30 this morning!!!**


7 responses to “Wordless Wednesday — My Toof

  1. He looks a lot like his older bro in the first two pictures.

  2. So cute! Did the toothfairy have to work overtime?

  3. Aww, he looks so cute and excited!

  4. Keegan’s totally jealous!

  5. That is so stinking cute!

  6. HOLLY MOLY!!! That must be the toof-fairy’s dream, two teef in one trip. ahhaha those are great pictures.

  7. The photos of your family are wonderful, but this post really caught my eye because my 6 year old daughter also lost her first tooth this week. I love the way you chronicled your son’s big night in pictures! That must have been one busy tooth fairy!

    Thank you so much for visiting on my SITS day!

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