Protector !!!

When I look at pictures of you, this is what I often see.

You looking at Him. Your “big” brother…your protector…your buddy.

From the beginning, you were smitten. I’m not sure you knew what exactly He was…but you knew you loved him.

And he was smitten with you too.

He has always looked out for you.

And followed you.

And cared for you.

And helped you.

And went everywhere with you.

And loved you.

And over and over again, especially when I see a moment like this captured, I know in the depths of my soul that he always will be.

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10 responses to “Protector !!!

  1. Wonderful post! The relationships between siblings is a beautiful thing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping to make my SITS day a wonderful one!

  2. I love these photographs, Tiffany, especially the one with the two of them leaning over the bath tub. So, so sweet.

  3. I love seeing all the old pictures! Olivia is lucky to have a great protector and Gabe is lucky to have a sweet big sister!

  4. So sweet! What a great pair they are, so lucky to have each other. The pics do such a great job of illustrating your point.

  5. These are great pictures! Olivia was truly blessed when Gabe arrived. He’s a very special soul.

  6. Big tears over here… it!

  7. These are wonderful. Such tenderness captured in these photographs.

  8. Great post. Love all the pics over the years. I so love to watch the boys together. I used to think that all siblings were like this but I’ve learned that they don’t. Our kiddos truly have something special.

  9. Aw what love, I have tears! You must be a proud mama xx

  10. Wow those are some darling photos! Thank you for sharing these great photos with all of us to see!

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