I’m a Big Girl Now

Last week the boys were at basketball with Matt and Olivia and I were home together. We read a couple of books and watched a little TV and then it was time for me to make dinner.

“Can I help you, Mama?” she said.

Why, of course you can, Princess. We’re going to make pancakes. What do we need?

“Syrup! I get it.” She got it from the pantry and took it to the table. (It was a huge one from Costco too…work those muscles girl!)

What else do we need, Liv?

“Milk? Eggs?”

Yep, we need both. I’ll get those and you can help, ok?

She poured in the milk (and only spilled about half), she cracked the eggs with a little help (and only left in about 20 pieces of shell) and then she stirred.

And me? I made dinner with the biggest, goofiest smile on face and tears in my eyes. It was a moment. Pancakes have never tasted so good. She was so proud to tell her brothers and Dad that they should thank HER for dinner tonight, not Mommy.

The next day she brought her oatmeal bowl to the sink after breakfast without being asked…and didn’t spill a drop. She also brought her glass of milk over too. I was so overcome with excitement and pride that I kept going and asked her to let in the dogs from outside. She walked to the back door, opened it, let the dogs in and then shut it again. I was floored.

Who is this girl and what has she done with my baby? She’s a big girl now. The best part? I can see glimpses of the fantastic and independent woman she’s going to become…sooner than I’m ready for.


14 responses to “I’m a Big Girl Now

  1. we’re always so proud when they grow up….yet sad because they’re growing up!! where do our babies go? where do our little kids go? the ones who NEED us? so awesome to hear about olivia doing things so independently. i know you are swelling with pride 🙂

  2. How wonderful!!! Gives me so much to look forward too.

  3. Way to go!! I’m getting all squishy thinking of your pancake moment xxx

  4. Another post that has left me feeling all warm and smiley.

  5. Yay! I see some responsibilities being lifted from your shoulders and sent a little girl’s way. I love hearing what Olivia can do now, she is really growing up.

  6. Yeah Olivia! She certainly is becoming an independent “Big” girl now!

  7. I love these signals of independence. It’s an ambivalence I feel. Happy for my daughter, but recognizing that as each day passes she will need me less.

  8. That’s awesome, Tiffany. Yay for Olivia!

  9. How exciting! It’s so much fun when your kids take an interest in such grown up activities.

  10. So proud of her. She’s amazing and so are you for letting her help. Sometimes the act of letting someone help, someone we don’t think is ready, is the biggest step. And letting Olivia know that you trust her with the jobs is just awesome.

  11. Brought a tear to my eye girl!
    I can only imagine how proud you & Matt must be.

  12. YOU GO GIRL!

  13. Soo cute!! Way to go Olivia! What a great meal for her to help with too! That was such a good idea.

  14. It dawned on me the other day that she’ll be 10. 10! It can’t possibly be that long ago that I met that sweet little girl that melted my heart!!! She is growing up into everything you ever dreamed for her to be in her own little Olivia way! I’m beaming after reading this post:)

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