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Did you see Eat, Pray, Love? Did you read the book? I did. I loved the book (even if I thought the author was a leetle bit selfish). I loved the movie (mostly because of all the eye-candy: Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, Italy, food.). In one part of the saga, Liz is asked for her “word”. What’s your word? Can you possibly sum up yourself in one word? I’m not sure I can; but I can decide a word for this year for myself. One word that describes who you want to be, what you want to do, your resolution, who you want to become.

Want to know what my word is for 2011?


Sounds harsh, I know. But it’s not. It’s a good DONE. I’m trying really hard to work on feeling good enough. Feeling happy with myself JUST.THE.WAY.I.AM.

So…I’m DONE.

DONE with looking in the mirror and pointing out flaws to myself.

DONE with starting every day thinking how bad I look.

DONE with obsessing about my weight, my body, the food I eat, the exercise I do.

DONE caring what others think.

DONE doing things because I think I should instead of doing them because I want to.

DONE trying to please everyone.

DONE being “friends” with people I shouldn’t be around.

DONE feeling like I have to be super busy 24/7.

DONE with the white noise in my life. It’s ok for it to be quiet. It’s good.

DONE with trying to be perfect, better, something I’m not.


What do you think? Oh, wait, I don’t care! πŸ˜‰

What’s your word?


15 responses to “My Word

  1. Fantastic! Another person in need of my Get Out of Jail Free card πŸ™‚

    Many people expect too much of themselves and then can’t deliver. Let’s try to stop being perfect and give ourselves time to smell the roses.

  2. My word of the year is “consistent.” I want to focus on the people and subjects that mean the most to me and be consistent about it. No spending time on the things that are not important to me. It is my effort to truly honor my hours.

  3. I think I would like to use that one too!


  4. I have several words. Hard to narrow down. I’m working on: motivation, inner-peace, healing, simplicity and celebrations & rituals. Probably won’t work seeing as I have too many. LOL!

  5. Why is it that we are our own worst critics? Good luck with being “Done” this year! I’ll try to come up with a word for me…

  6. Love it! I think that’s a great resolution word for this year. I agree with you about the author of Eat Pray Love. While I really liked the book (haven’t checked out the movie yet) I also thought she was selfish. I guess my word this year would be motivated. I’m motivated to change my attitude and my career. Motivated to be a better version of myself. Hopefully I don’t self criticize too much along the way!


    God we are so much a like. I did a post JUST like this a while back! My word was AWARE. It think it still is.

    Your word is perfect and I hope that you truly do this. We both need to!

  8. Kind. I want to learn to be kind to myself. Kind to my husband, kind to my children. Not necessarily nice, but kind. I want to used kindness in everythign I do, even when I have to scold, or punish, I want to do it with kindness. And I want to extend that to myself, be kind to myself for even wanting that piece of chocolate, let alone for eating it. Just being kind.

  9. Patience. I want to have patience with my kids, patience with my husband, patience with my life. I am not patient enough. I love your word DONE though!

  10. Make sure you always say it with caps. DONE. Because you’re an incredible woman and you need to be DONE with anything that doesn’t make that clear.

  11. I am going to think about my word and get back to you. I love your word! Good choice :o)

  12. You are amazing and beautiful. I think DONE is a fantastic word for you!

    My word for 2011… Peace. That’s what I hope for. That’s what I would like to be able to say I’ve found this time next year.

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  14. hahahahah the second to last sentence made me laugh!! hahah

    That is a good word, and I think it is really hard to do all those things! Good for you for wanting such good things. I bet it wont be hard since you have already decided and committed to it. I bet it will all just fall together and the next thing you will realize is you accomplished the whole list. Keep us updated with how it goes through out the year.

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