Post Stomach Flu !!!

Remember last week when Olivia announced the presence of the stomach flu in our family at our Girl Scout Christmas party? And then Gabe got it? And then Matthew?

Guess who else got it? Me. Then Matt. It was all sorts of terrible. Plus I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps lately and stomach flu is not likely to raise a girl’s spirits. So I really needed to find some !!! moments this week. Lucky for me, I was able to find quite a few. More than you would think in the midst of all that….well, I’ll spare you the details.

This is how I knew it was coming…this is Matthew 3 minutes after walking in the door from getting haircuts…at 4 p.m…the day before the flu hit the fan.

Of course he does fall asleep very easily…especially if you’re on the way home from your first Christmas celebration at Grandpa’s…

Beautiful post-French-braid curls always make me smile…

As does watching her perform a new skill…putting on socks!

Or my youngest rediscovering a classic favorite from the Christmas advent calendar “Lucky Bag” as he calls it. The kids pick a little treat or activity every day. This old-timer was a hit. (It’s Play-Doh if you can’t tell.)

Or this adorable notepad my friend Amy got me for Christmas. I’m over the moon over this little thing. She knows me so well.

Or coming home from Olivia’s final scoliosis brace fitting (more on that later) and finding this wonderful surprise left by my MIL…folded freaking laundry!

Or this little gem that Matt found at an estate sale last week for $1. It alternately reminds me of the Christmas Vacation movie…and the Baby Einstein videos.

Ah…and I saved the best for last.

Need I say more?

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11 responses to “Post Stomach Flu !!!

  1. I haven’t felt very !!! in a while, so it’s AWESOME to see a post with those lovely little exclamation points. Especially from you. You always inspire me. Add to it some intentional happiness and I’m feeling motivated.

    …or maybe it’s the idea of someone else folding my laundry. I didn’t know angels like that existed. You so deserved it!!!

  2. Oh!!! The metal angel thing reminds me of home!! That was always one of my favorite Christmas decorations to put together when I was little! Have you lit the candles to show the kids what it does? I was always so amazed! πŸ™‚

  3. That notepad is awesome!

    So glad everyone is feeling better and you were able to find some !!! during all that chaos!

  4. Please, please come bring the !!! to my house. Up at 3:45 am with Miss M and…well, you know.

  5. i am lovin’ your !!! moments! we had the stomach virus hit our house 2 weeks ago so i can totally sympathize with you. and since chan and ava were still probably contagious, i still had to take care of them while i was sick. way no fun. hope you guys are all on the mend and hope your Christmas is full of !!! moments πŸ™‚

  6. I love the picture of Matt with the princess towel on his head. That made me laugh!

  7. My favorite is folded laundry!!! And my Grandma had one of those angel candle thingies… used to love visiting her and lighting it. Brought back good memories.

  8. Ah, I love all the moments! Except the flu part. Hope everyone is feeling better.

  9. I am always sucker for brand new personalized stationery. Glad you got to experience some !!! moments amidst the chaos.

  10. The notepad is great. The photos are so cute. I am loving the hat! Ha.

  11. That’s a lot of !!! for all the unmentionable stuff you were going through! But that last picture… Well, that’s just priceless!!!

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