Olivia’s Specials

Gym. Music. Art. Library. The fantastic foursome that constitute “specials” in elementary school. I wasn’t sure my special girl would ever get to experience them. Boy, does she ever! It’s hard for her to decide which one is her favorite. As Daddy’s Girl, she would have to choose gym since that’s what he teaches. But the girl loves to sing. Art is fun too. How’s a girl to choose?

In addition to specials, Olivia has many special people who work with her while at school.

Ms. M: her classroom teacher
Mrs. G: her intervention specialist (a.k.a. special ed teacher)
Mrs. D: her aide
Mrs. F: her lunch/recess aide

She also has a speech, physical and occupational therapist and an adapted physical education teacher. There’s a whole team of people helping her each and every day. We couldn’t be more thankful.

While you’re watching today’s video, you’ll see a lot of pajamas. It was pajama day at school!! I love it that my girl gets to be part of such frivolity!!



7 responses to “Olivia’s Specials

  1. first….it’s pajama day today at OUR school 🙂 i’m more excited than i should be. but mainly because i really didn’t have to think too much when laying out clothes for today 😉

    second….i LOVE when our special needs kids come into the library. they are always so excited to get a book and have storytime. we have an INCREDIBLE aide in their classroom who is a wonderful woman and she always makes sure they get a chance to try everything!

    so wonderful to see the “team” around olivia. she’s a lucky little girl to be in a school system that will support her needs.

  2. You obviously leave in a great school district! How lucky for you AND Olivia!

  3. I think we are blessed to live in a time when there are so many resources in schools to help children achieve their fullest potential.

    On another note: I think every day should be pajama day!

  4. Those smiles tell it all! Once again, she’s amazing:)

  5. Oh how I love this. They really are “specials.”

    On a quick sidenote–Ben’s second job is as an aide in an autistic classroom. He loves his job. LOVES it. He gets to watch these kids thrive; some who were never expected to talk, are saying little things here and there. It’s an amazing, though hard, job.

  6. I love the furry booties.

  7. Pajama days are great aren’t they? I love the furry booties too.
    I am always grateful to the teachers and people that are outside of our children’s immediate circle. They are shaping our children in subtle ways.

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