Olivia’s Day Part 2

Making these videos has been very fun for me…and very emotional! I don’t get to see exactly what goes on during her day, so these pictures and videos were a real treasure. (Thank you Mrs. D and Mrs. G for getting these for me!) Putting them together in a video with music and thinking about what they mean to me has been really emotional. To think how far she’s come, and the despair I felt at the beginning, and then looking at her having a purely normal day at school is nothing short of wonderful.

Here’s Olivia’s Day Part 2…enjoy!


6 responses to “Olivia’s Day Part 2

  1. CrystalBurnworth

    Very Nice!!!

  2. How uplifting! I am so happy too see her doing so great 😀

  3. She is so precious!

  4. She is truly amazing.

  5. Lovely Tiffany. I like that you are creating this video diary for yourself and for your family.


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