She’s So Sassy

Last Thursday was the Girl Scout Christmas party. Olivia was acting tired but it was almost 5 p.m. and she’s usually cooked by then after a day at school. We drive to her friend F’s house where the party was being held. We’re singing Christmas carols to practice for caroling later that night. She’s excited and acting just fine.

We get to F’s house and I tell her to sit down by Mr. H while I put my salad in the kitchen. I set down my bowl and turn around and she’s throwing up all over herself and their couch.


I clean up as much as possible and get out of dodge. What a way to make an entrance, right?

She continues to be sick once we get home and an hour later so does Gabe, followed close behind by Matthew. I’m up all night alternating cleaning up between them and get no sleep at all. The next morning Olivia, feeling a little better, comes to my room gives me a hug and then with a smirk on her face says…

“Did ya sleep good last night, Mom?”

She’s so sassy.


6 responses to “She’s So Sassy

  1. Duuuude. It’s that wicked thing called a Rotavirus. Congagious as hell and your kids are violently ill for about 12 hours and then the carnage is over…except it’s not. Then it comes out the other end for 12 hours. I know this from many, many experiences. Sending you giant hugs because you are bound to get that damn thing.

  2. I thought you were going to end that with that she threw up all over you – her sassy response was MUCH better!

  3. Oh no! Hope it’s all out of their systems by now.

  4. Yikes! Hope she is feeling better.

  5. Oh sweetie! I hope everyone is better. Sorry for the vomit parade but I love that she had a little sass about her next day!


  6. Oh you poor girl! Glad that they’re all feeling better – it’s so very hard when they’re all sick at the same time.

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